Mystery Shopping




In general there are three major methods of application on the mysterious buyer tool. As an incentive for the improvement of the behavior of the staff as a tool to evaluate the knowledge of the product and the service offered as a tool of policy, for example, towards foreign companies strategy. Learn more about this with foursquare. The mysterious purchase can be done by mystery shoppers profesionales-nuestros observadores-pero also by your own clients and staff. The advantage of deploying multiple types of mystery shoppers is that it will allow you to acquire a broad view of its points of sale and your organization. Depending on the specific requirements of your study, we will decide next to you what kind of mysterious purchaser suits you most. A more specific analysis on the relevance, scope of this technique, does them not specifically, noting that in a market as competitive excellence in products and services plays a decisive importance. Hence the importance of investigating what consumers think. Put in the shoes of the consumers of our product or service is vital to understand more and better, way to perceive each of the components which form the total.

What do they think of the price? The packaging is good? do you know how to use it? Are they well attended? The competition uses the same weapons? Just add, that competitive intelligence gives concrete answers using techniques such as Mystery Shopping (mysterious buyer, buyer incognito, phantom buyer..) This technique has many applications:-knowledge of the actual quality of products and services perceived by the final consumer improvement and design products and services – study in detail of the competition – actual operation of equipment and systems for sale. Companies that routinely use this technique:-Sector services such as hotels, restaurants, services and mobile phone companies, airlines,… -Sector distribution chains of supermarkets and hypermarkets, stations of service, dealers of automobiles, car hire – banking services banks, insurance companies, credit cards, – external service companies of temporary work agencies, call centers, care telematics,…