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You turn on the television, walking down the main street of your city or read any magazine, and you’ll find it evident that mobile phones have gone from being a simple line of portable phone to a full media system. The same can be said about Office printers. Not so long ago, any Office had at least with a printer and perhaps a printer additional color. But also with a fax machine to Bill, a photocopier to copy documents and printed materials and, probably, a scanner to create and store files. Without, however, this bulky, expensive, and inefficient management method, because it is a thing of the past thanks to printers all in one. Printers all in one allow huge savings to companies around the world, not only of money but also of living space in the Office. In fact, the printers all in one have revolutionized the production capacity of up to businesses smaller, allowing them to create and produce their own material in efficiently House, without having to disburse large sums of money.

From the first models of printers all in one, have joined a series of very useful features that they have transformed them from an object of luxury, an essential tool in any Office. In general terms, laser printers and inkjet printers are the most popular, but the printers all-in-one today also offer a photographic superior quality, enabling users to produce professional quality materials. Many multifunction printers have a photographic Retoucher incorporated, as well as a guide, so that you can also use your printer all-in-one to edit your favorite vacation photos. Although the majority of printers all in one possess common basic features, there are some points to consider when buying. Since the price of printers has fallen so users can make increasingly more tasks, the quality of each individual function can be compromised. For example, if you do not use the scanner regularly, would make more sense to choose one of the many printers with fax of the highest quality available on the market, rather than a printer with fax and scanner of medium quality. Fortunately, you can choose between a myriad of models, so you will not be difficult to find the printer that align perfectly with your needs.

Speed is one of the key points to consider when buying a printer. In a work environment very busy, having a slow printer that can not handle large loads or work more slowly when you print color, can be a significant loss of resources. While greater coefficient of PPM (pages per minute), better. If you use the scanner regularly, be sure to have the resolution suitable for your needs. Similarly, if you usually send much information by fax, verify that the fax system is fast and reliable. In addition, many of the new printers all in one have connections wireless and Ethernet, both for data loading functions of diagnosis, so make sure that connectivity options are compatible with your network. Taking into account these variables, you’ll find it very easy to find the printer all in one perfect for you.