Solar Energy




With the increase of the price of the energy and fuels, today, more than what never, the sun became one of our bigger resources of energy and each time more people introduce solar energy in its daily lives by means of porters and solar panels. Thousands of people look in the production of solar energy a green alternative, and also a solution to diminish drastically its energy invoices. But how much cost to install a complete system that allows the supplying of a house? Yes something is really very expensive, and the investment alone obtains to be recouped enters the 10 20 years later! Before this scene, we dedicated many hours, many days to search alternatives that allow that any person can have its proper system of solar panels for only some hundreds of euros/real dollars/. We discover three fantastic systems, that allow that any person can construct its proper solar panels with an investment truily reduced. does not need to be specialist! Exactly one child of 12 years obtains to follow the necessary steps to the production caretaker of solar panels of high quality. She visits the site and she discovers as to construct its proper system of solar energy. We placed all there the information that needs to start today exactly.