Sand-steeled And Insensitive To Heat Wave

Thoma presents new special coating for desert modules Freystadt/Oberpfalz the solar technology forge J.v.G. Thoma with another something new waiting: the unique system of high temperature desert module” is now even more resistant highly resistant special coating. Even violent sand storms can module in the desert now have nothing. Not only the glass surfaces, but also the aluminum frame and the terminal boxes are coated. Thus the desert modules are”suitable of Bavaria solar specialists even for extremely hot, stormy regions, which were previously not eligible for the extraction of solar energy. The new coating has passed extensive tests in the company’s own research department with success. First users in practice is a Jurassic wattage GmbH; It has already started the production of the desert-compatible modules.

Emulating nature: J.v.G. Click Adroll for additional related pages. Thoma relies on bionics for the photovoltaic is the protective layer on the basis of a novel NANO-coating. The protects not only from external influences, but also a pollution prevented. Looked down was by nature this NANO coating. The nature surprises and fascinates again and again by their brilliant inventiveness. Bionics means: learning from nature.

And here we are still at the beginning in the photovoltaic,”explains Hans Thoma, General Manager of Thoma group. A downstream baking process ensures that the coating works even after ten years. In addition, J.v.G Thoma GmbH offers now a cooling system with heat exchangers so that the modules with a constant temperature (approximately 25 degrees Celsius) in the optimal range can be operated. “Another positive side effect: these PV systems supply more electricity and live” far longer than comparable systems. Sahara sand on German car roofs: sand storms occur in all areas of the desert sand storms and their consequences, and each has its own name for it: in the steppe and desert area in Central Asia, one speaks of the Buran, Chamsin or khamsin also names in the Nile area and in Israel/Palestine Ghibli or Dave; in Tunisia and Libya, you know the Scirocco the Simoom in the North African Arab countries. In 2004, experts estimate that billions tons of sand were moved by sand storms around 2-3. Sometimes, the sand reaches in our region. After rain all of a sudden the car roofs Red Shimmer if the sunsets seem suddenly red as a beet, sand from the Sahara desert the cause may be. J.v.G Thoma GmbH the company J.v.G Thoma in the solar industry is active for more than 20 years. J.v.G is specialist in the construction of turnkey solar plants. In addition, advises and supports the family company headquartered interested customers throughout Europe, America and Asia in Bavaria. Headquarters is Freystadt in the Upper Palatinate,

Critical History

To years of the World Wide Web 7, the economy and the trade generated by the Internet has even in importance to economic and industrial sectors of the past century. Later to the impact brought about by the communication and bombing of advertising pieces in the Internet movable devices with access to Web are created that personalizan the organization-individual contact, its utilitarista relation concentrates in a continuous and direct contact with the sensations produced and instilled in a desire of unnecessary acquisition allowing to the inescapable analogy between the consumption and the technology. iPhone, iPod, the Pocked PC, cellular and typical and popular are only advertising communicative channels that they transport impulses of relations of consumption in the newspaper to live on the being, but the interesting thing of these computer science tendencies is the innovation to make them more and more small and so that in these as much information, the trade and the computer science technology always are going to look for that is included the human beings we take the consumption in the body, the brain and the heart, six senses to consume..

Constant Communication

Everyday conversations are not, most of the time on topics of high importance but simple and casual day to day affairs. We’ve all had the experience of reuniting us with people with that in ancient times we had friendship relations with greater or lesser degree of intimacy and find that the lack of common interests and mutual knowledge of the everyday leaves us without conversation very soon and therefore obviously cool or worse still leads to the termination of the relationship. Those who have had the opportunity of living in other cities or countries, gradually lose this information everyday, not only friends but relatives. The epistolary communication is becoming less frequent. Thanks to the existence of electronic media such as E-Mail, social chains and simplification and reduction in the value of telecommunications, distance and a fluid communication costs can be minimized. I remember our first assignment out of Colombia was in the Argentina and to be able to keep in contact with some friends, with the children and close relatives in Colombia we spent lots of money on long distance.

By analyzing our spending a day we think about the possibility of reducing the frequency of international calls; My wife very smartly made a comment; I think it may be more expensive to pay a psychologist or a psychiatrist if we are not in contact with our loved ones. It goes without saying that our phone bill continued equal and I still believe that it increased slightly. Despite the foregoing when returned to Colombia for vacations or work, satisfied once the initial curiosity in meetings with friends and relatives, not very close and that therefore no ran object of our phone calls, unresponsive theme after well remember the common history and shared more or less important issues of each. If you are not convinced, visit Adroll. Small events lose their importance over time, are not of interest to others and therefore we got tired to others telling them and you get tired hearing them. That blessing we have today with the facilities that technology gives us.

We can be in almost constant contact with family and friends, you can learn and find them small things which are important at the time that occur and not months later. We can hear their voices thanks to the wonder of the Internet communication. We can see photos taken the day before or the same day, during the celebration of meetings formal or informal, important or not. We can chat through the computer. In the field of telephony advances are no less important; Today it is possible to receive and send messages to our cell phone when something is happening is not transcendent and so-called IP-communication, used the service I’ve used since 4 years ago called the red phone, I could also make and receive phone calls almost anywhere in the world without the costs of yesteryear. Regardless of our age is never late to learn how to use all that which makes us be press releases, us about, unites us and give us the grace to keep the assiduity in the communication that is without he doubts the staple of friendship.

Marcos Fujifilm

It is no novelty that Japan constantly surprise us with new technologies in its effort to achieve perfection and usability of a product, the same one that seems to have no limit. It’s so Fujifilm presents a framework of digital photos to the images obtained with their 3D digital camera. Brad Pitt is actively involved in the matter. The framework will be released in Japan in a week. And advertise – among its main characteristics – be an almost vital tool for the cameras of the same brand, with a size of 8 inches and a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, perfectly displays photos taken in 3D with Fujifilm cameras. This new device will also allow playback of images taken with ordinary digital cameras which gives a differential advantage over other brands. Essex Financial Advent Article describes an additional similar source. Most helpful by far is videos, you can play something that gives us a utility in moments of leisure. Although the industry of 3D objects has not still has mass, it is always good to know of new advances of the technology that is making strides.

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation or Fujifilm is a Japanese company known for its cameras and photographic film. Fuji operates in more than 220 subsidiary companies for research, manufacturing and distribution of products with facilities in Asia, Europe and North America. They also produce products for media storage for computers, such as CD-r and Zip. The movie camera comes in green and sometimes highlighted boxes on his own label. An example of this is the President s Choice. Fuji products are different by their containers uniforms. Fuji photographic films are considered and often compete against those produced by Kodak (see: velvia). Their products are sold in more than 200 countries around the world. Since 1982, Fuji is one of the main sponsors of the FIFA World Cup.

Modern Option

Among the most advanced systems of home security, IP cameras are with ample reasons. These are self-contained devices that transmit images over networks such as Internet, Lan or Wan; without the need for a computer that already have hardware that is in charge of running network applications. IP cameras allow the user to view video images in real time only with access to the Internet. Using any browser, you can see what the camera sees and that visual information can be stored on the hard disk of the computer. This security system is ideal for those households who remain single for a long time, just go to the IP address of the camera and we will instantly know that happens in our home. Gain insight and clarity with mobile ad startup. One of the advantages of security cameras is that they compress a digital image much less heavy that other cameras, thus allowing a greater speed of transfer through the network. This type of cameras are ideal for the security of the home, since they have better resolution image than other devices. In addition to this, no matter which so far is House, you can always see in real time what is happening there.

Another benefit to consider is that the IP cameras can be configured so that only authorized personnel have access to them, in addition, these devices work in any light condition and some of them have motion sensors. Perhaps check out Essex Financial for more information. All these innovative features make IP cameras more attractive than traditional analog video systems. Many people are sparing no expense to protect the security of the home. So, that he has come to believe that the more costly you are a security system, the greater its effectiveness. However, IP technology offers an alternative fully reliable and much cheaper than other video surveillance systems.


The first global changes in the children's room should be held when the school will be just a couple of years, maybe even less. Until that time, it will be enough to replace the table for very young, on average, for kids from 4 years. That on the crib, do not rush to get rid of it. Very often, kids do not want to give it up to the last, yet put into it. Especially comes in handy when one of the sides can be removed. Or design crib can pull a few sticks, thus making the door in the wall of the crib.

When you make changes to the child to school time, then the ground, on which emphasis should be placed – this is a school desk or secretary, remember that in this case is important not design and practicality. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Brad Pitt on most websites. Indeed, given any desktop style is very simple, but more on that later. For convenience and versatility best secretary. First – he combines a shelf for books, chapters for books, and other compartments. This allows you to always maintain order and easy to find everything.

The second main and main "plus" a bureau-compactness. Its lid is easy folds and turns into a very comfortable table (even with a slight bow, like a real school desk), and after completion of the work just as easily been lifted and play the role of the lid that covers the main section of books and notebooks. You only Imagine how many places at once freed. ltures-peter-zalewski-4291.php’>Jorge Perez, then click here. This is especially useful when you hold children's parties. And do not forget that at the time of celebration and entertainment – all breakable, fragile and valuable items the room must be removed. Many parents believe that first grade is the first thing needed a computer desk, spinning chair and of course the computer. This is the biggest mistake. First, now almost every family have a laptop or desktop computer, for which you work. This means that false experience that in an age of computer technology will not be your child, like all children, to own a PC – will disappear. Around the core, if you want You can teach a child on his office computer under your control. To do this, do not need to buy a separate machine in the nursery, and even table to him. All this can be useful only in the fifth grade, but a necessity will generally not before the seventh. What about spinning a chair – this is simply unacceptable. Having bought the child a chair, you can just say goodbye to his posture and a strong backbone. From 7 to 14 years, the standard chair at the firm stand legs, without arms, and awful bends in the design, will be the best choice for your child. If we talk about global change, including the repair and change of wallpaper because of the "grown child of elephants and flowers," then it should be wait, where are you in a hurry? A person remains a child as long as he himself feels it, let him 5 years, even if only 25. And my own room, so it is generally a private matter. So the style of the interior, and if decide to change something, then Consult with your child, it is primarily his room.


This type of equipment were designed in Japan, and deployed throughout the world, many brand offer very good teams, that’s why is important that one take into account service, which offers the company which buys him, should be a very good service and that company has a stock of replacement parts very large that when our team has flawsYou will need them as all teams have them, is normal, should be a company that fix the problem on the first visit, we do not accept what many technicians say is that I have no spare parts right now, I have to go back tomorrow or wait for the renovation of the factory to arrive us. It should one visit the company which will acquire the equipment, see their facilities and mainly its store of spare parts. When a team fails the first thing the client requires is to fix it is as soon as possible, because one has to finish work, they can be tenders, competitions, presentations or other emergencies and more things. It is important not to let anyone put hand on your computer that we can lose our investment. I love to talk about the new technology, in future articles we will discuss what’s new in copiers and multifunctional, if this article thinks that it can serve you some known please resend it.

Velasco Carretero

According to the incidence, it will be necessary to provide some solutions or any other, different cost and/or level of sophistication. Responsibility for the existence of a contingency plan is top management, although when a disaster occurs almost the first thing that is done is to blame. First thing you will need to develop a good contingency plan is considering it a project with priority and recognize the importance which really has, perform an allocation of sufficient and adequate resources, designate a coordinator and ensure the participation of different areas of the Organization: users and owners of the information; computer of different functions; communications; Computer security; information technology audit or specialized experienced consultants. The plan must have the approval of the Directorate-General. Among the purposes which should understand the contingency in computer security plan, must be the forecast of failures of computers, communications, programs and facilities, as well as errors and failures, both people and applications.

As for an alternative work center, several options could be: have another Center prepared to adapt in hours, in different place and with an equivalent configuration. It would be the ideal solution, but due to its cost, only carried out in very critical facilities. Agreement with another entity, giving mutual support. Continue to learn more with: EssexFinancial. There to consider the charge, because if fitting backrest has a high load, it could hardly give support to another facility in the case of emergency. The third option might be to maintain a contract with an entity that offers that service and that has computers for such cases, such as the manufacturers themselves or large service companies. It is necessary to have an inventory of all types of input to the system, including the associated manual processes, and other inventory of the results obtained and who are destined.

The plan must include the security of the people above all else. And when necessary, it should be provided existence of a chain of command, evacuation procedures, points of encounter, etc. Responsibility to contain a list of applications most critical, whereas views of users, as well as the time limit for its resumption: minutes, hours, or days, and under what circumstances and on what dates. It is necessary to set priorities. It should contain lists of files, databases, and resources in general that are critical, as well as criteria that elsewhere and where copies are retained. It should be copy of the libraries of the programs (version object and source) and include the control language and, especially, the need for creating libraries, recoveries and tipping of backrest. Documentation must be complete, comprehensive, understandable by people outside the team who prepared it and rigorously updated. The plan should include addresses and location of several key people and their substitutes mode. In a preferential site should include phones from firefighters, police, security companies, insurance companies, companies (water, electricity), medical supplies and hospital/ambulance, civil protection, suppliers of equipment and packages and few may be of interest in those delicate moments.

Programs And Their Types

Working with a computer, most people do not create the programs themselves, but only uses ready-made developments. By the same author: Peter Thiel. Because such people are called users. Essex Financial is open to suggestions. In other matters to be user is also not easy. After must be able not only to deal with several popular software packages, but also to navigate the 'software sea' – so that in case of need, easily and quickly find the program and learn from it work. I enumerate them all? The idea certainly is not bad – especially for us. Thrust in his work on the major list of hundred and more pages, and relax on our laurels, but the benefits from this, it will be zero. After all, who does not knows that every day are born a hundred, and even more all-new program – not to mention the older versions and other software updates.

If someone does not know, I would say that the program itself did not live long on the force year and a half Now let's think about whether to try to grasp the immensity? I think it is worth and you? Again, if that act intelligently. Describe all the software, of course, makes no sense, and do not even need all so beautiful know the basic of their group. And you only need to decide which group you're interested in, and then look for a software package that exactly matches your needs. Look just do not overdo it. After all, on your computer should be only what you really need for every day and nothing more. Hack to death his computer on the nose – this is your working tool and is not worth doing from his cesspool of all unnecessary junk. All the same, it's yours so that the deal is still you and none other.

Mendoza Routes

The beautiful province of Mendoza in Argentina has become since a few years this part a tourist destination of excellence, both for travelers coming from throughout Latin America and for visitors from the rest of the world. The region has many comparative advantages, such as a wonderful climate, spectacular landscapes, and an excellent tourist infrastructure, product development, which successive Governments have tried to impose with success, to convert to Mendoza in the natural choice when you think of a place that it has everything. The possibilities are many. The traveller can perfectly get lodging in Mendoza City, and thence explore the many corners, backwaters, villas, and small populations scattered throughout the province. The eastern region of Mendoza is one of the most beautiful in the land. The province has plenty of rivers, lakes, tributaries, streams, and springs that lend themselves to all aquatic activities: from sport fishing (trout and salmon are the most sought after specialties), to trekking, the canoeing, rafting, or simply find comfort in one of the many spas springs that there can be found.

One of the most beautiful localities is Maipu. Its proximity to Mendoza does it form part of the urban complex Gran Mendoza. Among the varied activities in Maipu there are the most outstanding is the production of wines. In fact, Maipu is the first wine producing region of the country. Its climate is particularly propitious for planting vineyards, factor that recognized the first European immigrants who settled in the area. Wine production has become the main activity not only the area, but the province.

Maipu is a beautiful place to visit, and internalize the fascinating process of the production of fine wines. One of the places that no tourist should miss is the Museum of wine, at the Bodega La Rural. Here you can meet ancient methods of artisanal wine production, and appreciate the appliances and utensils used in the process. Part of the machinery located there dates from the year 1895, when was founded the winery. As to the various wineries were established, wealthy families who owned them made sumptuous mansions, many of which still remain, constituting places of tourist interest. Generally, different wineries tour includes tasting of fine wines. For this reason who enjoy gourmet food and fine wines you will find that the holidays in Mendoza might be the ideal choice.