ASDRsTM Product




DATAKOM expands its product portfolio in the area of PSTN, IP and mobile networks Ismaning, October 20, 2009 that DATAKOM GmbH has the distribution rights for the product line of the company (MuTech) Mutina technology srl, Italy, ubernommen with test and measuring systems of Mutina. Mutina is a manufacturer of test and measurement systems for PSTN, IP and mobile networks. Innovative solutions are designed for IP convergence of networks and applications. The analyses include the transport, control and user plane. For analyzing and correlating the quality of service (QoS), as well as the QoE (quality of experience) of triple – and QuadruplePlay applications, MuTech developed its own protected process ASDRsTM (application service detail records), which are integrated in addition to the established standards in the modular product line. The groundbreaking system architecture combines the monitoring and troubleshooting across all networks, regardless of the topology (E1, SDH/SONET, 100 / 1000 Mbps Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet).

The range of the analysis includes both Data applications such as also IPTV, VoIP in IMS, NGN, 3 G/4 g. The integration of NetFlow extends the monitored network area. The product line consists of appropriately scalable hardware platforms and software applications. They range from the handheld tester for the troubleshooting site (IPXPlorer one) on network-wide distributed Messprobes (IPXPlorer-mod /-Flex) to the central management (QXManager). The application packages include protocols and services for IP-core, IP data, multimedia, access, NGN, mobile IP and SS7 and IMS. The performance of the product line is the measurement hardware (IPXGIG4KTM). So can pro session, call transaction be provided and monitored to 4 Gbps without packet loss and detailed information. The content addressable memory and FPGAs, inspection and filtering in real time take over, also contribute to increase the performance. Mutina technology has a patent on this measurement card. A further patent was granted Mutina for the ASDRTM correlation procedure.