Russian Companies




Thus, the recent victory of Sochi in the fight for the right to host the Olympics has become the basis of signing the agreement between Russian corporation Glavstroy and regional engineering and construction group of companies "Rostovgiproshaht. On the one hand, Rostov company has modern equipment and technology design, on the other, Glavstroy as a leading construction and industrial corporation federal level – a necessary economic potential and an extensive network of business partners. In this case, both companies to pool their resources, have one goal: to participate in Olympic projects. But it is often the case that even firms with radically different goals can unite their efforts to address them together. For example, in the past , the largest domestic construction company Sistema-Hals has agreed with the Chinese state corporation Hebei Construction Group on a strategic partnership. Each of the members of this alliance – their own goals.

According to the President Sistema-Hals Felix Yevtushenkov, for the Russians in this partnership are important "building world-class technologies, as well as professional managerial and operational resources," the Chinese side, through which the company hopes to reduce its costs. From the perspective of their partner's cooperation with the Russians also have their benefits. Firstly, the famous companion of the Chinese work will be much easier. And secondly, the Russians have own a huge portfolio of projects. "The agreement with Sistema-Hals is a significant opportunity to use our potential in Russia and cis countries. Cooperation between the companies will be strategic nature and is not limited to contract work ", – said chairman of the board of directors of Chinese companies, Siyumin.