Pasting Wallpaper




Desktop has long been firmly on the palm as widely used interior material. Wallpaper manufacturers afraid to lag behind competitors are constantly improving their technology and apply new materials that raise the property of wallpaper on a new level. When choosing wallpaper can not be guided only by appearance, be sure to take into account their properties. You'll encounter with an assortment of different types and characteristics oboev.Pered pasting wallpaper you have to prepare the surface, ie remove starye.Budet easier if you moisten them with water and soak up the pressure, clear steel spatula. Further, if there is a whitewash then wash it off. You also need to pro primed wall, behind the putty where required and when dry you can get down to business. Clay in the stores today are also presented in a wide range, today there are compounds with different properties, moisture-resistant, opposing the development of mold and mildew and most importantly easy cooked in cold water using a mixer. Only necessarily aware that the label indicates to what exactly the type of wallpaper they podhodyat.Pri to work is important to close windows and doors.

If there is an edge then glue should begin from the window. But today's wallpaper is usually glued to the butt and then pasting the direction values are not imeet.Oboi cut to a height of the wall with an obligatory allowance for 7-10 see it will depend on the pattern that you will sovmeschat. wallpaper glue from the back side with a brush or roller, then fold into the glue. It is imperative that they soaked and softened. Next wallpaper carefully put on the wall and smooth out a special roller, brush, cloth or plastic special spatula. Surplus wallpaper from skirting conveniently cut bureaucratic .Po completion of the work required to walk and eliminate the gaps.