Sound System High Definition Audio




Notebook Asus A7Sv Notebook Asus A7Sv (A7Sv-T830SCFGAW). If you need a high performance notebook for recreation and entertainment, the updated Series A7S-this is exactly what you're looking for. New high-performance processor Intel Core 2 Duo (Santa Rosa) and a discrete graphics card ati X1450 with 128MB memory technology to support ati Hyper Memory (memory allocation, if necessary from the operational needs for video) can solve almost any problem, it is no wonder this laptop belongs to the multimedia segment. Notebook Asus A7Sv features a large 17 "widescreen" glossy "type (providing excellent image quality with natural and vivid colors) with a high . realistic view gives Sound System High Definition Audio with 4 speakers, certified Dolby Digital Live.Multimediynye your laptop adds a hybrid digital / analog tv tuner. A7S is also equipped with rich set of communication ports, including hdmi + hdcp connector for HD-video output for plasma and LCD-panel high-definition unique technology that allows you to charge external devices to the usb bus even when the notebook is turned off. Now your leisure and work will become more comfortable and watching movies – stunningly spectacular. Buying a laptop Asus A7Sv in-store notebooks you save time and money, which is quite possible to spend on exquisite accessories for the laptop.