Aesthetic Medicine




Wages in ‘Average’ cabin is about EUR200 (see ‘Our case is “on p.111) plus the premium from the proceeds: administrator – 5%, the average specialist – 7%, a doctor – 15%. A few words about the role of administrator. From meeting with him, the first conversation depends on customer’s wish order service. The administrator must remember the names of clients to become their confidant in matters of health and beauty. Administrator of the salon itself has to make decisions, manage the work of the team, be able to conduct themselves in precarious situations.

Realizing this, the choice of salon owners administrator particularly biased. Human language spa – health centers and technology-based water treatment. – direction combining the cosmetology and medicine. Mesotherapy – the introduction of micro-doses of the drug with the help of special equipment to the middle layer of the dermis. Pressure therapy – dose-mechanical effects on the skin and underlying tissues increased pressure. ImageSeychas in Ukraine there are more than 6 thousand barbershops and beauty salons. According to experts, the market capacity of these services in our country reaches $ 230 million in Kiev, according to specialists, is fifth of the market, ie on the capital account for about $ 45 million modern beauty salons (see also business 27 dated 07.02.2001, the, p.24-27) provide a huge range of services – from haircuts, nail polish remover to hormone therapy and complex plastic operations.

To select an object of study we present the overall structure of the existing market (see ‘Structure “, left). Salons economy class (such establishment may be open for $ 15-20 thousand), an active demand for services which do not form the most wealthy part of the population, occupy the largest market share. Many of these institutions ‘grown’ from a hairdressing salon, changing the sign after the acquisition of a set of cosmetology equipment. Business class ($ 25-40 thousand) serve more than a solvent of the population, are usually found in the central areas of cities with populations over 300 thousand people. ImageVIP-rooms (a fitness-, SPA-centers – see the “human language”) provide personalized service and effective opportunities are created in accordance with a purse and imagination of the investor.