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Data Center (data center, data center or server) – a specially equipped room, which houses the telecommunications and server equipment. Building Data Center (data center, server or Data Center) in Moscow and Moscow region – one of the main activities of Eurasia. Construction Company "Eurasia" – a major system integrator is a trusted member market data centers, many Russian companies, including OAO "Center Telecom", JSC "Russian Space Systems", entrusted to us the creation of their data centers; this is a highly skilled staff with expertise in the areas of IT and construction; is the creation of data centers from the perspective of both your business and the IT industry as a whole. Company "Eurasia" – is a team of professional architects, engineers, designers and builders. Our company was founded in 1996 and during its existence has gained considerable experience in carrying out construction work in Moscow and Moscow region, enabling us to give a 2 year warranty on all our work. Technology for creating Data Center under the key: planning, design, creation, operation, modernization. Planning Data Center (DC, server): identification of customer's needs, the formation of goals and objectives, develop the required structure, financial justification; selection area. Designing Data Centers (DC, server): the design of all systems, data centers, taking into account the Russian and international standards, selection of equipment and software systems, raising energy efficiency, development of testing methodologies of IT infrastructure, development of documentation for the operation and work schedule, approval of design documentation.

Project documentation is developed, taking into account international standards (Tier). Creating a Data Center (data center, server): construction of a building or training available, supply and installation of equipment, software package implementation, testing, development organizational structure. Operation Data Center (data center, server): maintenance of engineering systems, maintenance software systems, management consulting. Upgrading Data Center (data center, server): audit existing infrastructure modernized data center, the selection of necessary technical equipment for the modernized data center, the selection of new sites, training of personnel. Having considerable experience in construction of such projects, we offer the best solutions for your project.