Storage Equipment




The effective work of the warehouse warehouse – it's buildings and facilities, which are intended for reception, accommodation and storage of goods, preparing them for consumption and subsequent tempering consumer. Warehouse – one of the most important elements modern enterprise. Warehouse should provide not only products storage, but also to support smooth implementation of orders from customers. Effective organization of the warehouse – one of the most important factor for the success of the enterprise. An effective organization of the warehouse is understood as the right choice of technical means – storage equipment and technology, and use of information systems for automated accounting and work in the warehouse.

A closer look at the choice of warehouse equipment and technology. The choice of warehouse equipment usually begins at the stage of designing a warehouse. First, you must rationally use the space storage installations. Second, the movement of goods should be optimized over time, virtually no claim of physical effort, to be safe. Space optimization is achieved through the use of racking systems. Shelving for the warehouse – it's stacked devices for warehousing and storage of various materials.

Shelves come in many forms: frontal (pallet), mobile, console, shelf, the deep, mezzanines. Front racks are the most common, used in all industries, large and medium-sized warehouse complexes. Mobile shelving (mobile shelving, erratic shelves, sliding shelves) for maximum storage capacity of the warehouse, while maintaining access to each store at any time. Cantilever racks are typically used to accommodate long loads. Mezzanines are complex shelving system in the form of hinged or independent bearing metal structures that have multiple floors to accommodate the cargo.