Advertising-motor trade – this thesis, no one is trying to deny. It is difficult to imagine the development of production organization that produces goods or provide services without advertising, without promoting their company. Tools to implement extensive. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. Every year there. Advertising on billboards, radio ads, tv spots – "Monsters" promote services, products, brands.

Advertise on packages, pos – materials, calendars – also takes its share. When choosing a potential advertising medium is a preliminary assessment of its effectiveness. How selected tools can help to realize its objectives to promote, as far as it will help Sales? Also estimated the contribution to the creation and maintenance of image and brand recognition. Advertising on the package is one of the win-win options in case the work on recognition of the company. On the package may occur identification of the goods or groups of goods with the company. The advantage of advertising on the package (whether it be logo placement, placement of product image or logo and contact information) is lasting impact on the potential and the final consumer.

Often, after the purchase, the buyer reserves packaging (bag) for later use as a handbag. Thus, information about the company demonstrates even more people. Long-term nature of such advertising is determined by long-term operation of the package. The quality of the package depends on the material used in the production. In the production of package to date used a wide variety of materials: from the designer paper (efalin, kraft paper, surbalin) ending with plastic films of different densities. The choice of a particular material is conditioned by the set of advertising problem: the dissemination of information, creating an image, etc. Advertising on the packages – an essential attribute of the advertising companies and large networks perfume shop. Packaging exposed to all products with dimensions often do not exceed a few centimeters. For this type of product used packages with a minimum size, mostly plastic. In organizing the presentation of new products, various celebrations (birthdays companies, festivals (March 8, Tatiana's Day)) are used in more expensive, presentation packs of paper.