Nora Ephron

Its theme, on the advice of her husband, becomes cooking. Julie promises his readers to talk in detail about how she prepares for the year all 524 recipes from the book of Mrs. Child. What ultimately happened? The result was very nice and bright picture. Naveen Selvadurai has firm opinions on the matter. The film is light, slow, but it is not boring, there many funny moments and funny little things that cause a smile.

In this case, which is especially valuable at the present time, the humor of some good-natured and gentle. Learn more on the subject from Clinton Family. Seemed a "slippery" and knocked out of the series only when Julie and her husband watched on television parody of the television Julia Child – dear Nora Ephron, I did not like the look, so the next time anything! But the scene is brewing lobster – it's something! .. And stuffing the chicken? Pleased with the fact that the film is absolutely no strain, and even a few troubles in life the main characters are shown optimistic. Whether the biographies of women such positive, but not in the frame and negative characters: even harmful ekzamenatorsha with cooking classes and a stale girlfriend Julie, do not cause negative emotions. And as the main characters and their husbands did wonderful: so keep your half in all undertakings and love it for what it is well worth it.

It is a pity that uncommon. Oh, and about the biography: After viewing and studying the Wikipedia, I learned that the biographical part of the picture is sharp, too: a lot of small facts of life this Julia Child fully reflected in the picture. It seems that our contemporary of the matter is as well. But do not think that "Julie and Julia" is just very nice hack, not carrying any moral sending – it is not so. The story of two women connected by the common passion, tells another, and that happiness in small things, that hobby could become a thing of your life, and success or failure depends on you. Only need not fear the new and be able to understand itself, this, that it is sometimes difficult. But then, perhaps, the main achievement will be not what you are the author of French cuisine, and fortitude and perseverance with which you went to the goal, like Julia Child. Or kindness, and finally placed priorities in life, like Julie Powell. In general, the disc with the movie immediately went into the cart with food – I take! Bright colors, bright colors, good dialogue and at the same leisurely pace of the narrative, which allows quite distracted by the table talk. A great game and the actors appearing in the film will entertain the recipes of my dearest relatives and pop themes for small talk from the series "but I'm stuffed chicken so "or" Do you remember how, as young, the girls demanded to release into the river bought fish. " Well, we do not have cousins with feverishly to divert conversation away from dangerous so we hopefully will be able to really nice and cozy evening with your family. And yes, prikuplyu-ka I have a couple of discs with this film: I will hand them a gift at the last festival for those who like the movie. In my opinion, a great idea.

Chilean Technology Probe

-companies Chilean technology probe, the Mexican Telecom Claro and a group of professionals headed by Antonio Sepulveda, Eugenio Fourt, Rodolfo Gomez and Cristian Nieto signed on 14 July last the Constitution of society for the implementation agreement underway first telecommunications network cell phones designed to provide high quality services and value-added of specific interest to people who are part of the Community Evangelical and/or Protestant of Chile. 3Genesis aims to become leader and expert reference in Chile with regard to the business of virtual mobile operations (OMV) and expand its experience and services to neighbouring countries, where there are organized Evangelical and Protestant communities. The new firm specialized in the management and marketing of cellphone, aims to work in partnership with groups and people that gathered around faith in their respective Evangelical and Protestant temples in the country, they require a better inter-communication, both for personal reasons, as the collective and its evangelising task. 3Genesis offers to the Christian community, as well as their direct environments, services, cellular telephony and messaging of texts at prices lower than the competition, with various options of hiring (prepaid and plans) and deadlines for length of service. Also delivers specific added value to the community, including among its services: to) the word in your hand: the Bible Reina Valera 1960, in digital version contained in the chip of the acquired cellular, digital functions that allow you to quickly and easily access to books, chapters and verses wanted. (b) contact with your brother: A function of the cell 3genesis specially designed for a simple contact and permanent inter-community. (c) the Pastor to the door: digital service that allows pastoralists have in your cell phone to your online community.

(d) proud of your faith: ring-tones with hymns and music Evangelical. (e) Sunday school: function with special three-digit number that enables a direct biblical and pastoral advice on the study of the word. In addition, 3genesis offers its services to lower prices which alternatives and part of the monthly fee is intended to support the work of Evangelical extension, through foundations created by agreement with all the authorities of the Church in the country.