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e-book readers are also in Germany increasingly popular, the World Wide Web had a dream. Human knowledge should be made available to everyone. The Project Gutenberg from the United States began in 1971, to digitize literature and to provide free of charge to any interested. The eBook was born. Now have eBooks located away from the digitization of real books and become a stand-alone form. EBooks in rapid speed now conquer the book market. EBook reader play a crucial role in the receiving ability of eBooks.

You have approximately the size of a paperback book and are also no heavier than a paperback edition with about 300 g. The crucial problem has been its price of around 800 euros. Thalia has recorded a low-priced offer ($299) with the Sony PRS 505 eBook reader in the product range. The Sony Reader features a 6-inch black and white screen. The weight of 260 g corresponds to that of the American model of eBook reader Kindle 2, which is sold by Amazon, but not yet in Europe. The Sony Reader uses eInk technology and reach a letter representation without energy consumption.

Power is consumed only when you scroll around. The powerful battery lasts for 12 novels. 160 books have place on 192 megabytes of internal memory. By memory sticks, the library of Sony Reader PRS 505 on 13000 copies can grow. With this eBook reader can formats like PDF, RTF, and TXT will read common image formats and audio formats MP3 and AAC as well as eBooks in the open standard epub and Adobe eBook format. The’s eBook reader of Kindle 2 from Amazon features a proprietary storage format that is not readable by the Sony Reader. A current market trend is evident here. Every manufacturer is trying to support their own formats and to affect the eBook market with the eBook reader. Kindle 2 with 2 GB internal memory has room for 1500 books. He will read texts on request. Wireless transmission and mobile radio interface ensure mobility in the procurement of literature. Daily newspapers are subscribe and accessible via Wi-Fi. In Germany great excitement start the TXTR eBook reader in the fourth quarter expected 6 inch screen, 1 GB of internal memory, 8 GB expandable memory, and week-long battery life. Nothing is known about the price, but the possibilities are enormous. At the same time with TXTR reader is a platform online, from the texts can be loaded via UMTS, WLAN or USB. A social network should be created, exchanged texts, published posts. So will eBooks – as in a classic lending library – for wide layers can be cost-effectively used the WWW had a dream… Johannes Haupt