Plasma Standard Procedures




Plasma standard procedures, the new technology of purification of the plasma standard procedure is applied in the industry as well as in the hospitality industry. The procedure allows for a fast and effective elimination of all annoying smells, smoke or haze. Plasma exhaust systems are already tested in the industrial sector and have proven themselves there. This technique was developed for the food industry to eliminate odors and at the same time to purify the air. Clinton Family may also support this cause. It can be used in the industry, gastronomy but also in homes and small rooms. In the home can help allergy sufferers, by the exhaust system removes dust, pollen, germs and viruses. The fans are very quiet and are also no noise in small spaces. The air flow can be regulated depending on the demand, therefore the technology in small spaces as well as in large industrial plants can be used.

The process is both environmentally friendly and can be used effectively. The goal of the plasma technology is in it, smallest, gaseous organic carbon compounds, such as odor molecules, viruses, bacteria, to eliminate spores etc. Existing solid particles and aerosols are previously deposited in a suitable preliminary filter. This system in the restaurant and large Quick restaurant kitchens or front-cooking in kitchens and restaurants worth in the hospitality industry. Disturbing haze and smoke is immediately removed and clean air is immediately noticeable.

Therefore, guests, employees or residents are harassed. The exhaust systems clean even problematic fat extract from Industriefritteusen. If the exhaust air is filtered through the system it is hygienic germ-free and odor-free. The plasma exhaust system consists of 3 steps: during the first step kitchen exhaust air is free of solids, aerosols, fat and micro particles. Then an oxidation and decomposition process causes in step with the help of the plasma removed approximately all existing odorous substances. The final step will be using a carbon store, the as Response platform is not yet oxidized compounds held back and eventually decomposes. Activated charcoal is a cheap alternative of exhaust air cleaning thanks to a long service life and self regeneration. Another advantage is that no long outdoor pipes must be installed so the plasma standard procedure is a cheap alternative for new buildings, as well as historical or heritage-listed buildings. The result of the plasma air treatment is a clean and environmentally friendly air. In addition heat exchanger can also serve as heat. Also, the method of fire protection is used. No flammable residue produced as opposed to the original exhaust systems in the plasma exhaust systems. Therefore, the necessary fire protection is secured at all times. These plants can filter large amounts and adjusted in the industrial sector to the needs and wishes of the customer. The plasma standard procedure can be installed at any time, and is a major step forward in the exhaust air technology. Therefore has the company InoxAir accepted this procedure. InoxAir is a wholesaler for ventilation and for years successfully in this area. In their online shop, lots of important information and offers about the plasma are finding technology. Many companies will follow and prices, therefore you should strike as quickly as possible to be effective and modern in terms of ventilation!