Hotmail Messenger

After a formatting my computer and installation of Windows the next thing was to add the Messenger emerging me the already classic mistake not could not start session in Windows Live Messenger since the service is temporarily unavailable. Try again later mistake code: 80040154. The way to solve this problem tends to be fairly simple and does not necessarily make the reinstatement of first Messenger.La (3 possible) solution that we must check to fix this error in Messenger is the register the DLL library to install the Messenger, thereby register a DLL library from a service called Microsoft XML, which turns out to be an interpreter of the XML required to start Messenger. You can this record may not be performed correctly because of a problem in installation caused by the blockade caused by an application (anti-virus, for example), or simply happened an unexpected error preventing registration of the library. The correction in this case is going to start, then run, or simply on your keyboard press Win+R pasting there the following: REGSVR32 %windir%system32msxml3.dll normally Windows responds with a message that expresses DllRegisterServer succeeded in c:Windowssystem32msxml3. dll..

Then we must log in again. Not have been solved, you will have to use a second option which is the reinstall by full MSXML to do so will have to find executable named msxml3.msi download in Microsoft Official website. Install it and let it do its work. He closed by full Windows Live Messenger and then you try again to login. If this procedure does not work, we have the option of reinstalling the system of contacts in Windows Live Messenger a bad installation of Windows Live Contacts, MSN service that allows you to get your list of contacts from the internet and add it within Messenger so that you can talk to them may result in error messages that do not allow us to go to Hotmail or Windows Live Messenger the way of reinstalling itdo not compulsory to have to download Windows Live Messenger again but simply can download the executable from Windows Live Contacts and then perform your installation like any other program. Once done this last procedure only subtracts, close the messenger and enter again. Any of these options should have corrected the problem and your Windows Live Messenger should work correctly.