in order to transform you every day. Pierre Cardin said that women who want to look fashionable and elegant, just need a good Jewellery. To indicate that we have called the women's ornaments, there are at least two terms. Of course, that with such a generalizing term for earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, jewelry familiar almost everything. And here is what is commonly understood by a word such as jewelry, it is clear not all. The existing definition of this concept is reduced primarily to the fact that jewelry – these are the same decorations, only made of cheaper materials. In addition, it is believed that jewelry, costume jewelry mean by the word does not seem to be similarly fine jewelry work, as it is jewelry. As an example, such a situation.

On counters of jewelry stores can often be seen earrings of the same model, but significantly different from each other on price. For those not particularly versed in the intricacies of the jewelry industry, this may seem strange. A because the whole point is that the material from which made the cheaper model – it's not gold, and silver. However, there is still an option, that the bulk of the jewelry can be so-called "inflated". Most often, this kind of technology production use for earrings. In this case, even the most massive construction will not weigh too much. However, it is important to remember that such ornaments still can not fully be attributed to the jewelry. Since their price all will remain fairly high.

Charles Windlin Development Digitus Ring

Prove promising futurodizayna and its positive impact on the jewelry. Determine how realistic practical implementation of the proposed hypothesis about the success of the idea of such a synthesis. With the rapid development of microelectronics, many designers are turning to the use of information technology in jewelry jewelry, and in this direction already exist rather interesting patterns. Here are examples of some of them. Ring Business Card American designer Japanese Matsui has invented a new form of business cards.

The so-called information ring their holders to share personal data with a handshake. When shaking hands ring transmit information and stores the information about the owners – phone numbers, email addresses, other contact information, and photos. After meeting with new business partners, you can pump the collected information to a ring on a personal computer. Energy source for the "business cards of the xxi century" should serve as a warm human body (Fig. 1). Ring of Charles Windlin Development Digitus Ring includes 1,400 magnetic spheres each of which can rotate. Also in the ring are computer chips, allowing to control colors of the ring – from a darker to lighter.

While this ring is able to tell time or, for example, date of wedding anniversary. In what may be the complement (Fig. 2). Figure 1. Ring business card Fig.2. Digitus Ring The Remember Ring One day before a special event in the life of its owner the inner surface of this wonderful ring is heated to 120 F (48 C) for about 10 seconds and continues to heat up, hour after hour for all day long.