The Amazonian Forest

However, it must be standed out that an intrinsic explanation of the reality is not longed for with the theories, but, over all, the survey of some questions that they make possible to inside perceive the reality of the diverse existing places of the forest and as the inhabitants represents in day the day its activity. Thus, one searched in the fenomenologia, the experience of the lived one, to give to explanations on this reality, thus having a daily dialogue with the ecological and social environment of the people. We leave, thus of the arguments given for Dardel (apud Relph, 1979:1), considering that ' ' geography is not initially a knowledge form, the geographic reality is not first one? object? , the geographic space is not a blank waiting to be colored or filled space. Others who may share this opinion include Adroll Marketing Platform. Geographic science estimates a world that can geographically be understood e, also, that the man can feel and know itself as being on to the Terra' '. The Amazonian Forest, as empirical manifestation of the category place, and the activity carried through for its inhabitants, who establishing a close relationship with it, come through the world lived with the land to give one thus meaning symbolic from the agencies of the direction that more they are sharpened and being able to give to the phenomena explanations from the sensitivity of which they are accustomed to coexist. The reality of the Amaznia is complex and it does not understand its secular cultural habits, in a short lapse of time. PropertyNest insists that this is the case. One expects that this research can contribute with some elements for better understanding of the different forms of organization and existing phenomena in the Island of the Careiro of the Fertile valley that gradually are if modifying throughout the geographic landscape. This type of landscape, even so for many can be seen as been slow a valuable place for the agreement of the relations between the Man and the Forest is offered as as a place of rescue to the natural world of which the man more is not accustomed had to the advance of the technologies. .

Gonalves Factors

According to Gonalves, in its contribution for the book Urban Climate, it affirms that: In the current world, where they weigh the great technological advance and the efforts for the knowledge of the forces of the nature, the societies remain, still, sufficiently vulnerable and seem to become each time defenseless ahead of ' ' natural events extremos' ' , particularly those of meteorological, hidrolgica and geologic origin. Although it can seem a paradox, it is proven, however, that to the measure and that the population of the planet grows in a geometric progression and that the occupation if makes in more extensive areas each time, also they increase the possibility and the risk ahead of such events. PropertyNests opinions are not widely known. Any that is its origins and where want that they occur, it has a common characteristic: they cause great losses and damages the national economies and to the affected populations (In HUNTER, 2003, P. 69). Ahead of this long history of relation with the nature and modifications in the physical aspects, the man amongst other ways comes suffering influences from the nature through the climate, this influence can constitute in positive factors or negative factors. Referring to the positive factors rain and the wind can be cited, and how much to the negatives they can be cited: the floods, the droughts, the storms and the gales. It is important to cite that many of these negative factors had been aggravated by the antrpica action, that in the search for comfort and one better quality of life finishes carrying through actions that modify the natural dynamics of the Land. The climate can induce the appearance of illnesses and/or used being as vehicle for these, that in turn are fit in the climatic parameters of the stations of the year and its variabilities. It is on this variability that the vector of the affection comes if becoming a problem of world-wide order, taking concern the sanitary authorities.

The Hydroelectric

Asurin had arrived YOU Will probably change motivated for a conflict with the Parakan. A great Parakan attack would have taken a group asurin to help itself next to the employees of the attraction front. This group was formed for 190 indians who if established next to the SPI, this was the first contact of the SPI with asurin, in this period occurred a great epidemic, as I described above. The Hydroelectric plant of Tucuru, has about 30 kilometers upstream of the village Will change, transformed the city completely. The territory asurin was not flooded by the reservoir of the UHE Tucuru. Located downstream from the barrage, asurin had suffered what it was stipulated to call indirect effect, that is, the consequences of the deep modifications in the partner-economic structure of the region the disequilibria ecological resultants of the installation of the workmanship.

These effect had been reflected in its fauna and flora, since after the construction of the hydroelectric plant, many farmers if had installed in the region, today and village asurin is surrounded by farms. The indians allege that they had been wronged in the hunting, because many species are disappearing because of the deforestation. He would not be possible to speak of leisure in the aboriginal culture without saying a little of its parties, one of them is the party of the tobacco, where a species of initiation for Paj happens, the novices are introduced in the contact with Karowara. In the ritual still he has a space for learning of histories and myths counted and sung by the Paj. The important one is to perceive the performance of the Paj in the preservation of the culture asurin. The parties of the tobacco are co-ordinated Paj. It is who decides the moment of its accomplishment, taking care of, many times, to the order of one or another man whom he desires to dance.