The Hydroelectric




Asurin had arrived YOU Will probably change motivated for a conflict with the Parakan. A great Parakan attack would have taken a group asurin to help itself next to the employees of the attraction front. This group was formed for 190 indians who if established next to the SPI, this was the first contact of the SPI with asurin, in this period occurred a great epidemic, as I described above. The Hydroelectric plant of Tucuru, has about 30 kilometers upstream of the village Will change, transformed the city completely. The territory asurin was not flooded by the reservoir of the UHE Tucuru. Located downstream from the barrage, asurin had suffered what it was stipulated to call indirect effect, that is, the consequences of the deep modifications in the partner-economic structure of the region the disequilibria ecological resultants of the installation of the workmanship.

These effect had been reflected in its fauna and flora, since after the construction of the hydroelectric plant, many farmers if had installed in the region, today and village asurin is surrounded by farms. The indians allege that they had been wronged in the hunting, because many species are disappearing because of the deforestation. He would not be possible to speak of leisure in the aboriginal culture without saying a little of its parties, one of them is the party of the tobacco, where a species of initiation for Paj happens, the novices are introduced in the contact with Karowara. In the ritual still he has a space for learning of histories and myths counted and sung by the Paj. The important one is to perceive the performance of the Paj in the preservation of the culture asurin. The parties of the tobacco are co-ordinated Paj. It is who decides the moment of its accomplishment, taking care of, many times, to the order of one or another man whom he desires to dance.