Electrical Energy

How we could live if they cut to us or by some reason we at the same time did not count on the potable water and the electrical energy. In addition what we would do when at the moment we extremely felt heat or cold by many continued days. Great problem: Without energy, without illumination, climate apt for our body, threatened by the hunger, without universal access to the water and the cleaning like human right, and on the other, without the integral management of the hydric resources neither action of basic communication nor education, nor joy to the development of the basic ecosystems; we could live humanly normal? Therefore, in the cities our routine life would be in the middle of nauseous scents and deplorable attitude lamentably that compared with the field and rural areas can be found some obvious palliative without total solution, because the life in the $andes without potable water does not make sure either. Many great representatives in or medium blocks have been united and reunited to treat exactly this phenomenon that every year advances and he becomes in mere preoccupation on a large scale by the global heating, the natural disturbances and the continuity of the processes of transformation of the raw material for the manufacture of devices and products thousands with traditional technologies using petroleum, coal and gas. General assemblies of the United Nations to less reinforce the commitment of cooperation in front of the developed populations, are common to read like the news but not so hopeful because we trusted totally. The countries of the world would have to reach in 2015 reduction of half of polluting agents produced for 10 years. How much one has advanced, it is a question without exact answer.

Center of Implementation of Public Policies in the world assures to reach goals propose to have access to the safe water, the electricity without pain and better atmospheres of life. But how we measured such security. We must be optimistic. We will be thinking and assuring the hopeful profits. The commitment continues to avoid to that the Earth is added/sunk problematic of the health of the living being in the Planet.

Solution? The answer is in each of us. So far, there are samples that yes are possible to replace the electrical power plant with the well-known system of solar advantage of energy and the wind energy without stopping mentioning the geologic energy of biomasses and sources. As far as the water availability, which is vital, in case of shortage, although not in his great scale nor for the entire world, there would be solution with the availability of systems of rainwater collectors (canals, collectors, suction pumps with photovoltaic systems, storage caves or cement tobacconists) at least where provides it is had it of rains. In order to end to these possibilities we have kindness to construct to our houses with criterion of technical improvements as far as ventilation and/or covers of shade like making our lives pleasanter, for example walls trombe and ceilings in houses with natural forages and/or argillaceous roofing tiles in popular populations.

Flying Record Object

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Let us want or not. Nessamajestosa blue insignificncia inside of the perpetual night, porimaginada divine concession, we feel in them as the doesfrico citizen object. The delirium is tamanhoque does not obtain perceiving in them as object when oUniverso is the citizen. Deaf and dumb citizen snossas suplications and indifferent to our destination. The Homemcriou a pretty history to support one realidadeadversa and to give continuation to a known model.

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