Flying Record Object




to believe, cujaconotao well is known, if refere belief and to the faith. For umaquesto of allegiance to the prpriacultura, therefore the constatao daexistncia of extraterrestrial intelligence causariadanos irreparable it, better to be in guard. Crer has to doubt comoresposta automatic in the case of self defense. To think, pra what!? Saint Augustin and Martinho Lutero eramcontra. In fact, everything is incased with a facilidadeameaadora> to leave to the will the thought. The deity is in the sky; the deity came docu; the angels had gone down of the sky; the angels voltaramao sky; someone was taken for the sky; he sicranosubiu to the sky; deuses had come of the sky; quandomorre goes for the sky; an intense light shone nocu etc., but sky does not exist. It is an illusion of provoked optics pelaatmosfera that in the ones of the one blue charmer, decorated comnuvens white or cinereous. What it exists is the lfora, the stranger and us we are part of it with nossascrenas and doubts.

Let us want or not. Nessamajestosa blue insignificncia inside of the perpetual night, porimaginada divine concession, we feel in them as the doesfrico citizen object. The delirium is tamanhoque does not obtain perceiving in them as object when oUniverso is the citizen. Deaf and dumb citizen snossas suplications and indifferent to our destination. The Homemcriou a pretty history to support one realidadeadversa and to give continuation to a known model.

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