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As in a large dishwasher, in addition to the main program there are a few more programs, including the cost – for lightly soiled dishes, soaking – for heavily polluted and the program window washing at 30 C. With small size and roominess board dishwasher copes with its task. However, in a family of three or four or more people, preferring homemade food hikes in a cafe or restaurant, such a model would include after each meal. For a more rational use of energy, water and detergent is more convenient to buy the car floor at 6-8 or (If the family is very large) to 9-14 place settings. Include such machines is enough time in the day, providing a pre-load.

Class of washing, drying and energopotrebleniyKak and washing machines, dishwashers, too, have different classes of washing, drying and energy consumption. These characteristics are denoted by Latin letters from “A” to the G. The highest grade – A, the lowest – G. Now in terms of energy manufacturers offer models three classes: A, B and C. D, E, F and G are considered uneconomical and prohibited the production and importation into the European Union. Thus, considered the best machine on ekoleyble which noted the aaa, which means that all three parameters dishwasher match the upper class. Efficient washers also save energy include modern dishwashers and water savings. According to this index, they are divided into high-efficiency (14-16 liters of water per wash cycle); sredneekonomichnye (17-20 liters of water per cycle), gas-guzzling (26 liters of water per cycle).

Light And Sound Machine

Light and Sound Mind Machine tmm Mirage – a new device on the market of light and sound Mind machines. He developed and produced in Russia using modern microprocessor and the new full-color rgb LEDs, manufactured by Technology E-POWER. Developed software and circuit solutions provide features that are available not in every light-sound device a higher price range. tmm mirage simultaneously manages brightness and frequency of outbreaks of rgb LEDs while the three Red (red), Green (Green), Blue (blue) colors separately for all channels. 16-bit brightness control dial allows you to create 4,096 shades of all colors, including white. In tmm mirage color management function can be chosen independently of stimulation frequency. Thanks to this technology, we can induce more complex psychological states and visual effects.

You do not need order extra points, all possible colors are already built and can be modified using special software. Additionally, the effects can be created by soft fabrics. You can arbitrarily change the area of the field of view to stimulating a simple rearrangement of the LEDs on the glasses. The range of frequencies of light flicker 0.0625 – 51 Hz! Set the frequency of flashing with a step 0,2 Hz in the range 1 – 51 Hz Installation frequency flicker with a step 0.0125 Hz in the range 0.0625 -3.1875 Hz! tmm mirage has 80 memory banks available for download or create their own programs of stimulation (sessions), consisting of nearly 2000 segments. The internal operating system can also be updated.