Street Gallery Samsung

2-3 drops of fragrance and gift recipient will feel a wonderful floral aroma. You can add flavor to ink pens, to release limited edition perfume gift for your company. Sometimes liquid flavors are used for packing bedding, clothing, but we recommend for these purposes to apply a second group of technologies. Solid gels, aroma beads, aromatherapy sachets. Perhaps the most glaring example – branded perfume, Samsung specifically designed for global manufacturers, giant.

You can feel this aroma, visiting Moscow on Street Gallery Samsung, and can extract a new washing machine Silver Nano, which is embedded scented sachets. Jewelry companies certainly be interested in aromatization boxes for jewelery. Imagine a buyer opens a gift and immediately feels a pleasant aroma, which matched by sex and age of the buyer. Our partners in the city of Ivanovo now leads several projects on flavor packs with linen, and Novosibirsk, Russia plans to invest flavored in boxes with shoes. Aroma-Capsules and Gels printing.

Scents can be applied by offset, silkscreen, tampons way. Technology "rub-sniff", "tear-sniff" you've probably seen in magazines, advertising perfume. Range of flavors is very wide. For example, color "Nixdorf Center" – white and cool blue, and menthol scented card, and promotional postcard with a picture cappuccino smells like cinnamon. Congratulations on March 8 contains notes of lavender. Postcards, flyers, calendars, pens, flexible magnets, coasters for cups, mugs and themselves Is not an exhaustive list of objects flavoring. Avtoaromatizatory. Cardboard or gel avtoaromatizatory all shapes and colors with your slogans and logos.

Baby Safety

Not fixed windows and balcony doors could cause an accident if suddenly your curious child wants to play with them. To avoid this disaster will help you a special lock-lock windows and balcony doors catch airing, "Comb>> from Baby Safety, which will be aired at a safe fixed width of an open window or balcony. Grown-up kid can easily cope with a handle window or balcony, but protection at the windows of the children – a comb, not on forces to the child. The kid can not open a window on life-threatening width if it will install such a lock-blocker, which means your baby is safe. If your intention namyt window then you can easily dig it entirely for the convenience of technology through the hole in the castle in the middle of the plate.

When you close the window after the work done, comb window locks, and will again perform its functions. Just comb window used in hotels, nursery schools and administrative offices. Then, careless employees or guests, leaving the window open, do not put him in danger of being overwhelmed – in a strong gust of wind, because no need to throw a comb every time you open the window. It says that you never forget to fix the window, which means you'll be quiet for her child. Child lock box, comb, attached with screws at a distance of 100-150mm from the edge of the frame when installing the top or bottom of the window, as for plastic, and wooden window frames.