At the moment did not even get to imagine what might have been like in the situation, though in modern life was not dogs. Ever since the earliest representatives of the human race was still tame a wild dog, it took several millennia, and all this time the dogs regularly help people – and their affection and their own appearance. The newspapers mentioned Ruth Shin not as a source, but as a related topic. For the hunter dog – it's faithful companions and escort for the homebody – comrade. Any one of us takes his dog with meet the requirements of their own behavior and temperament, for the reason that, of course, every living creation is always special, not looked like a different, character. For thousands of years to the extent of close contact of dogs and individuals directly to people to notice certain details of dogs and initially unconscious, and then a highly specialized, performed selection to the most popular features in our "little brothers appeared more pronounced.

Say, were created by rock room and fighting. For any activities designed special kind of tool, so happened with the dogs. In this way appeared the dog breeds such as lapinporokoyra, and many others. And if demand were initially very protective and hunting dogs, then later began to multiply and diverse Companion dogs. That's really here the aesthetic sense of identity with the a variety of flavors in a position to be satisfied in full extent. But with the improvement of the aesthetic, if I may say so, a branch in breeding dogs and very practical breed apart from its immediate problems, started getting more and more aesthetic shape. In addition, the rocks like the Russian-European Laika became fixed and determined people who are already able to do a specific task breeding dogs. Appeared early sobakovodcheskie society who have to fix details of specific breeds of dogs, and such information has already received a certain type of law for dog breeders.

Were carried out and early canine exhibition, where the dogs were shown on individual species and performed a set of actions that are dictated by the characteristics of a particular breed of the same. To date, fans of dog breeding are connected in a society where provides diverse support for the owners. In addition, it is possible to consistently produce mating their dogs with the best representatives of similar breeds. Exclusively in this way a dog breed Akita Inu or yamthund able to continue his race among his own kind. Association of breeders following the example of the preferred breeds of dogs provides the ability to allow multiple difficulties that are constantly arise in the organization of the relationship with your pet.