Misconceptions About Printer

Printer is not designer! Speyer, the May 21st: The professional image of the printer is about as old as the printing press itself and looks back on a long artisan tradition. The professional label printer from the printing industry was renamed media technologist pressure since August 1, 2011. Of course, the printing industry has evolved through the digitisation and digital printing. Nevertheless remain the basic prerequisites to a trainee in the technology media pressure, despite a name change, the same. The Speyer company H J. Dre GmbH looks always good young as one of the leading manufacturers of folding cartons. To ensure a smooth operation of presses is”a good technical understanding, a good handling of technical devices as necessary as a careful and independent way of working, says Jurgen Dres, CEO of H. j..

He is facing but often Dre GmbH. misconceptions of applicants in the education media technology pressure. In many With applicants, the ideas are partially far apart talks. According to Jurgen Dres it is not enough to be able to surf on the Internet and to be creative. Creativity is not required in the production process of folding cartons and the design of folding cartons, if longitudinal seams cartons, boxes with automatic bottom or display boxes, the customer pretends us.” Understanding of technology and joy in working with electronics and machinery is required for the profession of the print media technologists.

Interests in physics and chemistry, as well as skill, flexibility, and resilience for this activity should be brought to the technical interest. Sense of responsibility and a good responsiveness are crucial for this profession. Of course, this profession brings high requirements. Who brings this principle, runs at us open doors”, as Jurgen Dres. The h-J. Dre GmbH is a manufacturer of folding cartons in all standard formats, as well as by demanding, for more than six decades exceptional special packaging. Today is one of the h-J. Dre GmbH to the leading manufacturers of quality folding cartons in Germany. Now at the site, Speyer produces folding cartons with an annual quantity of approx. 40 million and sent all over Europe. Contact: H-J. Dre GmbH Brunckstr. 4 67346 Speyer contact person: Jurgen Dres phone 06232 / 69 86-0 E-Mail: Internet: