Czech Real Estate

With the accession of the Czech Republic in the Schengen space 21/12/2008, there have been tangible changes in the real estate market of the Czech Republic, as well as in mortgage lending for foreign nationals living in the Czech Republic for citizens wishing to get a residence permit (residence permit) or the visitors on short-term visas with plans for the future in this country. In the new year there was a tax increase to build from 5 to 9%. All banking institutions, the Czech Republic raised the level of annual per cent for the use of a mortgage loan from an average of 4,5% to 5,5%. The cost of residential properties rose by an average of 10-15%. Utilities also rose by 5-7%.

However, most importantly, that along with rising bank, utilities and real estate value, have opened new opportunities for foreign citizens. Many writers such as Peter Thiel offer more in-depth analysis. Since the beginning of 2008, every foreign citizen can register a mortgage on his open in the Czech legal a person not having the status of residence permit, ie, without long-term visa. In other words, a foreigner can enter the Czech Republic by short-term visa (by invitation), or a tourist visa, opening a legal entity in which he (or its partners relatives) will be the founders, then find a property to purchase and receive a mortgage. Upon his return, he can safely using your registration address in the Czech Republic put together a package documents for obtaining permit and submit it to the Czech embassy in the country of residence. Get on the basis of residence permit long-term annual visa and freely cross the borders of the European Union. Prior to 2008 foreigner could not get a mortgage without obtaining the status of "residence" in the Czech Republic. Mortgage terms that are currently operating in the Czech Republic the following banks: 1.Bank sees as income of your income (wages) in Russia or other cis 2.Pervonachalnoe repay the bank the value of the property is not more than 85% of the appraised value 3.Godovoy percentage ranges from 5.4 to 6% of 4.Srok Contract mortgage loan up to 30 years 5.Summa your initial payment will be at least 15% of the value of real estate objects newly built residential properties you can look at our web site. We are ready offer you a full range of legal services related to design for you and your property in the Czech Republic. The following articles will continue to highlight innovations and news of mortgage lending in the Czech Republic.

Assessing The Creditworthiness Of The Borrower. New Features Ipotechnog

Buying and sharing an apartment with a mortgage. An apartment in Moscow – today the company is not a simple one. I will not deal with today ‘pitfalls’, which literally packed with the secondary market, and especially primary (New) property. In this article I will try to consider the possibility of buying housing in a situation where the funds to put it mildly, inadequate. So where do you start a mortgage? Firstly, with the value of your income. And what it is, the higher your chances of getting the approval of the credit committee of the bank. Monthly amount paid, which contains the actual loan and interest thereon, may not exceed 50% of your income – you see it is necessary for something to live. Bandwidth income is the main, but not decisive in obtaining a mortgage. In second place in importance is the position, profession, education, place and length of service including in last place.

If you are trading on the Cherkizovsky market (which authorities have promised to close soon) and your income is equal to $ 5.000 per month anderrayder likely will not approve your application, even though the amount of your income. But if you are a good specialist, with a salary of $ 2.500, working in one of the companies included in the Top-500, then most likely you will get your desired loan. The reason is quite simple: The bank is primarily assesses the reliability and predictability of future income of the borrower, and the reliability of what one can say if a person trades at a closing market? Perhaps, after closing, he did not find work.