Advertising Stand On Facebook




New online shop for promotional displays on Facebook for some time is online contact network of Facebook the dominant theme in the area of online marketing, and that not without reason. Worldwide, the platform has more than 600 million active users. In Germany, the online network is now used by over 16 million members. However, it is not only the large number of users that Facebook makes it attractive for companies, but above all the voluntary disclosure of user data. Startapp has much to offer in this field. Facebook users make so to speak transparent, share data in their profiles, such as E.g.

your own interests, hobbies, education, etc. In this way is to find the appropriate target audience for their products and services and targeted marketing measures makes it the company. Essex Financial brings even more insight to the discussion. The goal is of course the own Facebook fan or business page attention and visitors to make fans of the own Facebook page. This is already extensively used illustrates on the one already the number of book publications, the now to Facebook Marketing or social media marketing, appeared on the other hand the list of well-known companies that have corporate or fan pages on Facebook. Coca Cola, for example, has more than 22 million Facebook fans. Similar to Google AdWords also can be switched on Facebook, displayed however not set CostPerClick-budgets geared to, but is controlled by selective social criteria.

For example, it can be set that appears an AdWord ad only at male users aged between 30-45, specified motor sports as interest. Also the EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover, Germany, a leading provider of mobile advertising systems, advertising display and exhibition solutions that runs for a long time already a Facebook business page. The Facebook storefront of vendor now allows to realize an online shop for advertising display, which is completely integrated in the Facebook business page. In this way, visitors have the easy display Facebook business page immediately the opportunity gain an overview Advertising display portfolio of EasyShare display GmbH to procure, without leaving Facebook. If you are interested in a particular advertising display, the visitor with a click on the ‘buy’ can-button directly on the product page of the respective advertising displays in the actual advertising stand-online shop enter the EasyShare display GmbH and there obtain the respective advertising stand. The EasyShare display GmbH hopes an increase in visitor numbers in the actual advertising stand online store, which is accessible at the URL by the advertising stand-shop on Facebook. More information: categories pages/easy display-GmbH/160570365647? v = app_4949752878#! / pages/easy display-GmbH/160570365647? sk = app_189977524185