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It was in 1993 when began Nostradamus with the importation of esoteric products. They quickly managed to position themselves and become a reference point for a large number of professional and esoteric magic, tarot and divination art shops; not only in Spain, but internationally. Its already long trajectory has allowed them to achieve excellence by providing all sorts of original products and maximum quality, reaching specialize in tarot. Under the direction of Carlos Patricio, who is a renowned specialist in the subject, they have managed to put within the reach of the hand, for all the professionals of esotericism, a wide variety of products and items imported from all over the world, always maintaining the standards of quality and professionalism required, using exquisitely selected materials, as well as a personal and pleasant treatment for all its customers. Experience and new technologies has allowed them also reaching all those who need these products, especially those engaged professionally in esotericism.

For this purpose available stakeholders put an online shop where you can find a wide and varied range of products that include letters and other items related to the tarot, amulets and talismans, magic items, candles, incense, and specialized books, among other many items. All products, with the maximum guarantees of security, thanks to the virtual POS that prevents any undesirable impact on the operations carried out can be purchased from the online store, which you can visit at. Equally, being faithful to the principle of offering a personalized attention, they are available to address any query that users want to do, about products and services offered, as well as any questions that may arise, thus offering transparency and availability for all customers. Another great advantage is the fact of being able to receive the order at any point within the peninsula, within a period of 24 to 28 hours, and sometimes it is possible to receive it on the same day. As it could not be otherwise, all products have 100% satisfaction guarantee. If they do not conform to the request, are incomplete or have any problem, there is no more than contact the customer service department, to communicate the incidence and to implement us satisfaction guarantee. If you really want a quality service for your esoteric products, ideally visiting and contact to have the service and attention you need. Many local television stations broadcast unlicensed content how is the sign Aquarius? Land of Church: esotericism of DTT La Science and their demons ghosts in the Reina Sofia Museum: ghosts in Madrid