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This will prevent the increase in poisoning but does not guarantee that the toxic and cumulative expelled, for it is necessary to use certain supplements that stimulate the excretory organs of the body. 2. Nutrition – Maintaining our body nourished (send daily the 90 nutrients) it needs. This we achieve it by eating a diet of fruits, fresh juices, vegetables, salads, vegetables, seeds, vegetables, flour and grains. Because the chemicals and hormones that are used today in modern agriculture and ignoring the time that food (probably natural) has taken since it was harvested until he reached his hands, we doubt regarding the nutritional value you may have. I therefore recommend the use of nutritional supplements to ensure all the nutrients from vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids and digestive enzymes and metabolic diseases. 3.

Strengthen Immune System – The previous two steps will cause our immune system is strengthened. But as the deterioration of this has been so much and for so many years, we need the help of supplements to help strengthen our immune system. Could recommend consumption, Echinacea, Golden Seal (Goldenseal), aloe vera and Transfer Factor. 4. Alkaline Agency – The fourth step is to alkalize our body (maintaining a pH above 7.). It has been found scientifically that any antigen can survive in an alkaline body.

Our body is alkaline in nature, but thanks to the modern diet rich in sugars, fats, refined flours and all sorts of artificial ingredients, our bodies become acidic (pH less than 7.) And become fertile ground for bacteria, viruses and other types of microorganisms or antigens. You know that one of the favorite foods for bacteria and other antigens (including the A-H1N1 virus) is the refined sugar to the point that in natural medicine to treat skin ulcers (especially in bedridden people), with refined sugar. Why? Because the bacteria that causes ulceration, immediately stop eating the tissue and begins to eat his favorite food is sugar. Thus, the skin begins to come out again and the sores heal faster. Combined use “sulfa powder” to destroy them. Met alkalize our body maintain a natural food such as that described in previous paragraphs and using supplements suitable for this purpose. 5. Checking article sources yields Hilton Family as a relevant resource throughout. Protect antibiotic – This is achieved using supplements like colloidal silver, all natural and known as one of the most effective antibiotics against all types of antigens. Our mission as a natural health professionals, is to prevent not have to deal with. I hope these tips and “keys” will help you avoid unnecessary suffering. If you have any questions regarding supplements, diet dose to take or continue to visit our “site” and request the information.