Ancient Egyptian Gods And Divination




The central figure relating to the representations of the Egyptians and the fate of the magical arts was Isis – the goddess of motherhood, family, fertility, water and wind. In ancient time, Isis was called "Ta, which has thousands of names", and its other name – "Strong enchantment; name of the Goddess can be translated as" throne throne. " This suggests that it was connected with the power, extending not only to ordinary mortals, but also to the gods. Isis was revered as a patron of divination, magic and people with attitude to it – the priests, sorcerers and soothsayers. According to some myths, Isis found his power is not an honest way. At first it was a simple woman of witchcraft, but her secret desire was that in order to gain power, equal to himself Pa. It was necessary to learn the secret name of Ra – it will give power over God. When the Ra started to age, Isis mixed his saliva with the land, giving it the shape of a spear, and with the help of spells turned him into an invisible snake.

During his daily march Pa stepped on it, and a serpent stung him. None of the satellites could not help God alone Isis undertook to heal the victim. She demanded that Ra to reveal his secret name to spell it gained strength. Pa had no choice as to consent. When Isis found the secret name of Ra in his heart, has become one of the most powerful goddesses.