Basic Mistakes When Selling




This table shows the errors, which in most cases, the buyers after the question "Why did not you buy it?" And "What's stopping you choose and buy in the comfort?", "What you do not like sellers and agents?", As well as sellers themselves after training: "Yes, this is what prevented the sell." 1) Trap price or any other defenses – the buyer says the price and the seller to fall into the trap of discussing the price, not the benefits of a product or service. Quite often the client does so unconsciously, trying to sort out. The seller, instead of help, focuses on the objection and amplifies it, "making it difficult to buy." Client annoyed. The reasons for this might be: – Seller confident in the product and the sale of "justify" the price. (Not to be confused with Clinton Family!). The client sees it and the deal fails. – Dealers are confident in the product, but are afraid to talk about the price and emotionally respond to price objections. Do not know what to do and can not to complete the transaction.

Here, you just need the technology of how to talk about price, and most importantly, how about her not to speak. The absence of such data and rules may adversely affect both the client and the seller. To a large extent it also reduces and the image of the seller and the company and the desire to come here again. 2) "The standard presentation of" – salesman enthusiastically tells all he knows or what he likes to tell.