Furniture Pine Furniture




For many centuries the tree has served humanity. (A valuable related resource: Naveen Selvadurai). And if the construction of dwellings tree is sometimes used along with the stone, the manufacture of furniture, until recently, his replacement was not. Technology Progress offered a lot of new materials for the manufacture of furniture, but nonetheless with an array of wood on the totality of consumer characteristics can match any modern stuff. Unfortunately, furniture made from solid hardwood, in our time is very expensive and only good old-fashioned pine as a century ago is available to us for the manufacture of inexpensive, high-quality and environmentally friendly furniture. Thus, furniture from solid pine. Pine wood soft enough, yet strong and durable, easily processed, stable against rotting, well tolerate changes in temperature and humidity, and most importantly, harvested in huge quantities, which favorably affects the price of finished products.

Solid pine is used in modular furniture for the manufacture of upholstery furniture. Furniture made of pine is usually covered polishes, do not hide the natural wood color and texture. Modern paints are environmentally friendly, no smell, as a result of pine furniture is very nice, light, natural scent. Furniture made of pine is indispensable in the nursery room because they do not contain synthetic resins, plastics, etc. Often, pine furniture does not varnished, and in this case it finishes, you can use mastic on the basis of natural wax, which gives the surface water-repellent properties, it is advantageous emphasizes the structure and the natural color of wood.