Optical Products




The sale of optical products over the Internet is a phenomenon that is amplifying every day throughout Europe. Internet and its use is one of the topics that more discussions and controversies stands currently. It speaks, is discussed and up to legislate on the digital canon, the ban on websites of downloads, the lack of control over the contents and many other topics. The world of Optics is no stranger to this dynamic.Until recently most of the sites of online sales had been limited to products such as contact lenses, sunglasses, frames without a prescription and some types of small instruments (pupilometros, eye test, etc).But during the past few months is the full graduated glass which has become the undisputed protagonist and the number of websites selling through the network rapidly increase in number and product offering. Currently already practically nobody question neither viability nor the safety of selling products online, currently the majority of these operations are they make about music, books and electronic products and in some cases exceed the figures for sale in stores. User is becoming more easy to make purchases on-line and the barriers to the Act of purchase they fade and fall one after another. Nothing prevents a Spanish user make your purchase in an American, English or French, Web that send the product at home, pay in dollars, pounds or euros, many of these websites propose a version in our language and people increasingly this more accustomed to buying online.

The world of optics will not be an exception to this trend of on-line commerce. In regards to the graduated glass, the only existing barrier at the moment is taking action and as you can read in this article that I wrote not long ago, the battle to facilitate client access to this parameter already is underway in Scotland post: link. Seeing how they advance new technologies, I am also sure we’ll soon see facial recognition by Web camera systems that will be able to recover These values.