Celeste River




I had the opportunity to visit personally this charming place and also to live in meat own the adventure that represents arriving at this recondite oasis, due to the difficult access and evil been of last 11 km of way. If it has time and a vehicle 44, it does not doubt in visiting Celeste River, a place removed from a story of you foretell, which is worth each and every one of the minutes that it will use in arriving; but it has 44, hopes to have one! National park Honda Bar This National Park is located in the province of Guanacaste, to about 20 km to the north of the city of Nicoya. In the small hill of Honda Bar (of about 300 meters of height), one is hidden everything an underworld, worthy of a story of Julio Bern. Barrahonda is recognized by the ample network of independent caverns, some of which reach the 240 meters of depth. Within the caverns it is possible to observe estalagtitas, stalagmites, columns, teeth of shark and many other formation.

Among the 19 explored caverns, most spectacular as far as its forms of decoration is the call Velvet. This cave of 63 meters of depth delights to visitor with incredible formation such as organ, which produces different sounds from the struck being, the head of the lion , the curtains and many more. All the route in Honda Bar is a pleasure, since to accede to the caves it is necessary to realise a route by the mountain, where the species of present fauna and flora in the zone will be able. When arriving at the entrance of the caverns they will be armed the equipment yet of security and will begin an exciting and exciting reduction towards the interior of the Earth! the Hornillas To 15 km of Bagaces, course to the north of Costa Rica in the Province of Guanacaste is elevated majestic Miravalles volcano, with its 2028 meters. This volcano presents/displays secondary activity of type, that is to say; thermal waters, stony grounds, solfataras, pailas and fumarolas. The familiar project of the Hornillas takes advantage of these guided resources realising Tours, beginning to observe the volcanic activity of the fumarolas and pailas, walking within a crater with volcanic action. In this same zone it is possible Rich it will offer what very few countries can offer. The small reviews on these places, do not make justice to their true beauty and attributes, so it removes something of free time, renase with family or friendly and know these wonderful gifts that this country offers to us!