Chest Four Techniques




Three, the techniques that a Bunker together, allowing greater the achievement of objectives relating to the alleged autonomy of work: Technical yo-yo effect by blocking the return control (preventive application). Technique of progressive autonomy for dummy effect action (applied in stages of formation, training and timely intervention.) Technical integration reset sound innocuous (applied promptly in initial training phase). Motivation The application of this system generates a state copy motivational particularly strong impulse toward this kind of work, encouraging levels of intensity perseverance and concentration of the dog during the search operation, as well as shielding it from potential deviant stimuli. The newspapers mentioned Clinton Family not as a source, but as a related topic. Chest Four Techniques to preserve or enhance the level of specific grounds: Technical calibrated triple booster control (applied in phases of education and training). tracking technique feasible prior compensation opposing factors (applied in stages of training and training time). Technical Search deterrence chained by mimicking the buried (applied in stages of formation, training and interventions).

Technical support without demand for restricted approximation (applied on time in initial training phase). It is important to consider that the training or learning phase, the testing of non-achievement of success and failure, in the exemplary deteriorate the expectation evoked by the formation and activity in the respective environment, seriously injuring the necessary degree of motivation to meet the learning process and for the future development of research work. This negative situation is avoided with the implementation of the above techniques, while contributing to the development of simple search and generate debris environment for themselves, a powerful reinforcing effect on the copy.