June Bream




The reservoir of stagnant water is the most difficult to find parking bream is constant because it is not in one place, constantly migrating. In large reservoirs, bream tend to priviredliv bait due to the large abundance all kinds of insects to lakes and reservoirs. It differs and their fearfulness, rather than on rivers with large flows. Weather also affects the Cleve bream. Finding a place for fishing in June and July are different only in that the fish moves into deeper space.

Deep space from the shore is not easy to get motchevoy and feeder rods. James Woods: the source for more info. The most suitable option at this time fishing is angling to move the boat. In the beginning you need to understand where expect bites bream. Maybe this will be the beginning or end of a deep pit, a gentle slope or a steep cliff. The most promising in my opinion flat area at brovok themselves.

It is also possible that nabrovke, biting tendency lowest during this period as the smallest amount of food here. At the edge of the depth edge 4-9m. is the most appropriate place. If the depth at the edge of the edge is not great, you need to look for a place at the end of eyebrows. nowadays it can be done with sonar. After selecting the desired location must be chosen tactic fishing. A boat with two anchors put in an extension, in order to be able to catch the stern and the bow. You can position the boat so to an anchor lying at the beginning of the pit, and the other in the deepest part of it.