Microcomputers Future




What awaits mankind in the future? As we live through ten, hundred, a thousand years? Will we exist at all? A man more accustomed to analyze the past than to think about the future … Futurology – the science of the future, the science of the future … This is not a fairy tale and not a religion. Predictions based on science, logic and feelings are very important for the survival of humanity … So, we do not always (almost never) do not believe in what happens to us or will occur. In other words, when we remember a ten – twenty years ago, touched our past attitude. Very often I hear from people the following words: ‘… If I said: what will happen to me in ten years – would never have believed …’.

Twenty years ago we did not know what a cell phone, laptop, player, digital libraries … Technical progress, computerization, virtualization is rapidly broke into our daily lives. Young people themselves have and are not without perebiraniya keys on the phone, sending sms-ki, without the Internet, which has a need for a “chat” and to spend time on social networks … What’s next? Building on the achievements of science and technology, man seeks to improve the big things and make them small and compact, slow – fast, weak – powerful.