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Modern living conditions dictate additional requirements for the cladding and insulation at home. The use of new materials and technology allows to achieve very good thermal insulating properties inherent in the complex wall-lining that is very important for our country, most of whose territory is located in temperate and polar climate. One of the newest coating materials were front finishing panels 'Termobrik'. The appearance of the walls, lined with such panels, similar to a standard masonry. Each panel can be divided into three functional layers – foundation, insulation material and ceramic tile. Such sandwich panels with a thickness of only five centimeters in terms of thermal performance equivalent to the thickness of the layer of brick in the ninety centimeters.

A wooden house can be decorated with carved and embossed plates, inlay, paint, decorate leather and wrought iron. Or leave it as is and even stress this – raw texture of the wood, painting the cracks, knots and resin surface eaten bugs and filled artificial dust as if the furniture is no longer a century in a row. Modern technologies of wood processing are the guarantee that the wood trim will meet all quality requirements. This protection from rot impregnations, special wax, lacquer and modern water-based and much more. New technologies will make the same pattern trim the tree light up in new ways, changing the texture of his usual more exotic – eg, veins, showing through the color – black, green, amber or brown background. Wood trim – long way home decorating, adopted in Europe. Differed only in the woods and exquisite finishes.

A large area of the tree, for example, walls and ceiling, can significantly warm the room, sound insulation and provide a welcome warmth and comfort in the same offices and home libraries. And if you add a parquet floor made of oak, ash, maple or walnut and even bamboo and mahogany … Even such an ordinary object, like the grille can be a rare original by decorating a tree with an artistic pattern, immediately attracting attention. And every element of home wood trim will make elegant and festive thanks to a special color scheme and the optimum geometry of the lines. In carrying out interior decoration interior wooden houses need to be considered building regulations for interior decoration of houses tree. Interior finish wooden house or cottage includes a set of interrelated activities: at home insulation, flooring, ceilings, windows, doors, heating, internal communications (electricity, water, sewage), etc. Interior finish of wooden houses is carried out in conjunction with plumbing and electrical works. With a decorative finish of wooden houses you can embroider seams of wooden houses jute rope and jute ropes and hemp. Jute and jute decorative rope tow, as a rule, very often used for interior decoration in the bath.