National Monument




A mixed store in the street of Santa Ana became owner of the agency on a par, abriendo and widening the business until the Slope wharf. When it did fortune bought the house number 15 of the street Merchants … that is the same lot that today occupies the hotel. … …

the pride of its advantageous position impelled to him to that on the occasion of that his neighbor put one more a plant higher than hers, " infuriated it swore to make the highest house of the Prncipe". There it established quarter of volunteers and other offices. It is the elevated building more of the city, property of another Catalan, Alberto Almirall. Between the lodgings of the city I prefer the Great Hotel (considered by many like the best hotel of the city.), not only by the quality of the service and the excellent kitchen, but by its geographic location. This located in the Maceo Street, between General Go’mez and Ignacio Agramonte, sites very frequented by foreign villagers and. In that zone they are the main commerce of the city.

To stay itself in the emblematic hotel is to have the opportunity to know history the city that arose from the mud, employee to make the bricks with which the first houses rose and they molded tinajones, used to gather together rainwater, of which they got to exist around 16 000 in all the city at the beginning of century XX. Very next to the installation the cross exists that indicates one of the sites in which the camageyana large city was erected, in the present General street Go’mez, in center historical of the provincial capital, declared National Monument. But from the hotel the visitor can realise a route by the city, without needing using automotive transport or being decided by bicitaxi she will lead that it to different places from the Camaguey.