Communication, Trust, Cooperation Society




Seamless communication, deep trust and cooperative spirit are the basic attitudes in any successful relationship, both personal, professional and labor. A business or computer failure or deficiency in any of these is intended to inefficiency and a deep malaise. It is therefore essential to develop these attitudes, if we improve the results. Communication: The quality of communications which we have determined the quality of our relationships. If we made a list of people with whom we have bad relations we see that are the same with which we do not keep good communication. Could improve his communication with these people, no doubt the relationship would be much more effective. Communication (common action) is the basic process through which we coordinate actions with others, and therefore is a fundamental process in any organization.

If we focus on communication as information transmission, we see the human side the same and therefore all the richness and depth that we can achieve. By incorporating the human dimension, we realize the importance of emotions in good communication. It is impossible for anyone to communicate effectively if, for example, angry or resentful. We understand communication as a "dance" between speaking and listening. And in this "dance" involving every person in every sense: emotions, expectations, interests, knowledge, paradigms, thoughts, etc. Trust: Trust is the basic attitude that allows us to act. Individually, we call it self-confidence, and in doing with others, trust. You certainly do not deposit their money in a bank in which you do not trust.