Organizer Martin Krix




Mike Montes and Jorg Bausch live on stage on a full House on February 27 was Martin Krix, organizer and Managing Director of event location in Castrop-rauxel, rejoice. At 20:00 finally said inlet and quickly filled the scene-Cafe in the Wroclaw’s main street. Then also the pop singer of Montes and later Bausch arrived with bodyguards. Because of the large crowd, the show began a half-hour earlier than planned. Live on stage then the appearance of Mike. With a mix of older songs and his current CDs “nuns you can trust” as well as “And it is also for me the hell” he enchanted the audience of the evening. Get all the facts and insights with Mickey Hart, another great source of information.

But earlier as intended Montes had to cancel his appearance, caused by unkollegiales behavior of pages of technology. In the run-up to the event agency BK party (who drove the technology this evening) expressed negative and spread falsehoods about the artist on the Internet. Also the star of the evening, Jorg Bausch, inspired with his live singing. He managed with its own technology team There, great with his music and show the audience and the fans to heat up fully. The evening was held in picture of AK-eventfotos Annette Koch and team. After the big hit show, the artists at an autograph session were close to the fans and mingled under the enthusiastic audience. Also for the Organizer Martin Krix, this event was a great success. He personally thanked the participating artists for the great performances. Still, major events will take place in its location. “Be sure of new fans in castrop-rauxel, North Rhine-Westphalia and its surroundings are the singers Jorg Bausch, also known from the new hit parade on RTL2 and hr4 colorful mixed”, and Mike Montes, known from Volksmusik.TV as well as his many broadcasts as a co-host and performer at radio Weser.TV. Soon presents itself Montes also at Uwe Hubner in a 24-hour interactive star-talk and therefore begs the questions of music enthusiasts and fans.