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The business of Madrid has been open, grow with and for customers in the Centre of the capital Spanish. On the other hand, we can confirm that a new member joins more. It will open shortly in El Vendrell, municipality located in the province of Tarragona, business that will offer its services, in this case, in the capital of the comarca of low Penedes. Specialists in sale of photographic material, electronic and computer equipment, personalized items, cartridges for printers; development of photography and printing in digital and analog formats; graphics in all its forms processing service; Photo DIGITAL Discount reprography services production is a chain of photo shops in franchising, with 140 outlets in Italy.Currently focused on boosting its projection in Spanish territory. A transparency project is offered to who requests it after contact with BRD Consulting requesting information to become a franchisee. In the presented to the franchisor, the company, dimension, philosophy etc. It is an investment that is approaching a total of 18,000 euros, obtaining the franchisee with her all benefits and material necessary for the realization of the project, as well as concerning the publicity of the new franchise. Meanwhile many others already affiliates survivor by open before Christmas contact us to have your area exclusive! FotoDigitalDiscount in Spain, we are sure: an interesting business! For more information you can write to or visit the website original author and source of the article.