Pollution Sources




– DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM 1.1 .- Situation problem or opportunity. – Resource depletion or non-renewable energy sources. – Pollution from existing power sources (batteries, oil, etc.). – Poor accessibility to these sources due to its high cost, especially in low areas. 1.2 Definition of problem solving and setting goals to achieve – Create an alternative source of renewable energy – Providing access to energy for low-income people. – Reduce the environmental impact of polluting energy sources. 1.3 Variables controllable and uncontrollable variables: – Size, shape, design the prototype. – Cost of materials to develop the device. 1.4 Any restrictions – Cost – Time (time) – Theoretical (knowledge-mails) 1.5 Criteria for selection of alternatives: – Feasibility design – Implementation Costs 2. Search and Data Collection 2.1 Application of techniques to collect data: – Research bibliography – Counseling (from a professor at the University of London) 2.2 Application of techniques to detect causes of the problem: – Observation – Trial of Valor – Common Sense