Polish Red Cross

It fits to stand out that Kolbe priest made use of the press in very ample way. Launching the magazine and also a periodical, it felt and affirmed the importance of this media. Also it created a radio station, showing as soon as the progress technician was important and that cf could not be withheld (. NIGG, 1982, P. 38). Kolbe priest was imbudo of a expansionista yearning. It wanted that the world was conquered for the Virgin Maria (cf. they ibidem, p.42).

In this intention, a convent in Nakasaki established with franciscanos its confrades, in Japan, being this considered as a signal the holy ghost, a time that When, to the end of World War II, Nakasaki it practically disappeared of the globe, for the explosion of an atomic bomb, it subsistiu as for miracle the station missionary. (Ibidem, P. 46). 2.2 The Way for the Martyrdom In the day 1 of September of 1939 the Poland was invaded by the nazista army of Hitler. In this manner World War II with an aggravating one for the Poland started that also was attacked by the communist army of Russia (cf. they ibidem, P. 47). Extending war to it until Niepokalanw, Kolbe priest excused to its confrades he guided and them if to present the Polish Red Cross to take care of to the wounded.

In way to the bombings and the deaths, in 19 of September of 1939 the convent was invaded by the German troops and forty and eight frades had been taken to a concentration camp. After three months in the field of Amtlitz, Kolbe priest and had excessively gotten the permission to return to the convent that, when arriving, was in devastao state. From now on Kolbe priest undertook forces to restore the convent, come this if to transform into a shelter shelter stops pursued Poles and Jews.

The Sentence

The text did not want here to limit the good actions, but I believe that any difficulty that a person is passing, being we in the condition to help must make it; why after all of accounts it is a duty of the Christian! Without counting that we ourselves we are citizens to pass for definitive situations and can lack of aid. The omission is the act to ignore, to pass of plaza, to make seen thick. the destination of people who thus proceed is the fire lake prepared for the devil and its demons, observe that the perpetual fire was not prepared it human being, were prepared for the devil and its demons, but those that have action that they are resembled of the malignant one will be in the same surrounding. After to start to the sentence to explain you the reason? in the same way, only that now in negative way and reprovao, to start to describe the omission of bodes: I had hunger and not in of these eating, I had headquarters and me of these not to drink; being foreign, you did not collect me, being naked, did not dress me; being ill and in the arrest you did not visit me. The ones that will be its left will make a reflection regarding its acts, they will make choir to appeal of the sentence, as they were full of reason, therefore would not go to remember itself to have omitted a good action, and they will not remember themselves to have if omitted before the person of ours Sir, however Mr. will answer to them: in I say you to truth that, when to one of this teeny o you did not make, you did not make it me. It demonstrates here a great love to you for the abandoned ones and charges of us attitudes and not recklessness. .