Decorative Selfleveling Floor




Of course, if you talk about all the advantages possessed by a decorative self-leveling floor, then you may not have enough life. In fact, properties such as fire safety, hygiene, chemical resistance, durability, water resistance, strength, self-leveling floors make an excellent choice for your apartment or house. In addition to these features self-leveling floors are even wonderful and decorative characteristics – they rich in its colors. Because of this property by using self-leveling floor can implement any design scheme. You can simply implement minimanilisticheskoe monochrome solution – because thanks to sverhrovnomu gloss white surface exclusive self-leveling floor will look very elegant and stylish.

Because such a "luxury" as clean and white color can not afford not to each cover. Also on the floor with liquid adhesive stencils can be applied exclusive pictures. Design poured floors are created by silk-screen technology, which consists of filling stations in several stages of different colors. In this densely taped a stencil or tape glued define the boundaries of the fill. Created images of screen technology, very efficient and they will never be erased. You can shape the image of the forest glade, the bottom of the sea or rivers, or lawn, combining the flock, sand, pieces of foil and colored straws. Floquet or "chips" – colorful enamel pieces. In using modern decorative color inks, as well as different techniques for applying to the substrate, can get uniform and smooth surface with metallic and pearl effects.

It can change the hue and color from different angles, mosaics, silk compressed and avital velvet, an imitation of natural stone, the texture of different wood species. Transparent topcoat also serves as a protective coating and to create a number of decorative effects: increases game variety of colors and shades, transmits image depth, creates the effect of the spilled water, as well as increases the picturesque and contrast-colored substrate. You can also create decorative patterns, a sketch, strip, marks, luminous hands, markers, using colored and shiny sand. Decorative self-leveling floor has a thickness from 1,5 mm to 2,5 mm. To use them you must have a fairly smooth ground, which is tentatively to clear, dedusted, degrease and dry. On service life inlet cover can say that it serves more than 20 years and once made a picture with the brand will be for many years to advertise you for free. The effectiveness of such advertising will be much better media or the outside. After all, "flood the floors – those floors, as are immediately cease to doubt. And these words are clients who have established themselves in such floors and now advise their friends, while talking about their benefits Therefore, choosing for their home flooring, turned his attention to an exclusive self-leveling floor. After all, it is not only easy to clean dry and wet method, but it is also very aesthetically beautiful, unique and practical.