Digital Tachographs

Andres, a friend, is dedicated to the world of transportation, just bought a new vehicle and called me to ask me for advice. -Hey Carlos, I need me advisers about what program should I buy to manage the vehicle that I just bought with digital tachograph. -Andrew, I have to give more details, that I should look for? I was explaining that due to regulations of the year 2006, all vehicles of more than 3,500 pounds, should go with digital tachographs and drivers, have a driver’s licence with a chip in which are recorded the pipeline that performs. With that information, I began to trace the cyberspace in search of a computing solution that solved the task of control. My first intention, as it was always search in the whole world, dismissed it quickly, as any other software application, Andres late or early would need support, that I decided to look for domestic manufacturers. There were not so many, and that have software from 2006 year in which the legislation, joined less.

I went into the Eutisoftware page, engaged in transportation software and its DATACOGRAF programme, had all the earmarks of being efficient, I say this from experience, the screens were simple and very large results. I got in touch with them to ask them for information, you sent me information a catalogue of all solutions ranging from management via web to an installation on desktop with possibility of connection to remote clients, really had thought of everything. Me amused on studying the technical aspects, in which operating systems could implement, if memory requirements were high, as they managed the assistance, etc., Andrew, it was not exactly an expert on management, theirs had always been the truck and administrative tasks used to delegate in a secretariat and an Office carrying financial affairs. To corroborate all the benefits of the system, I got in touch with the company, Kotufa Software and I asked them for a demo of the LITE version, thinking of Andres and own the professional curiosity. Already saw me installing programs on my computer, something that does not me grace if it is to see a demo, when they gave me the perfect solution.

A demo on-line. After the demo, without any doubt, I told Andrew that Datacograf LITE, it was his program and that if it increased the fleet, strives to acquire the Professional version. Certainly it was simple to use and very powerful reports and results, the program allowed to work with data from a graphical environment, as if it were a worksheet, this allowed grouping, select, skip, etc., any data and generate exportable reports to almost all formats known and used today from PDF to Excel. So friends, you know if you want a software for the management of data from digital tachographs with technical support, Datacograf is my expert advice.


Technology, or with that term refers usually to the body of knowledge which allow to construct diferents objects and machines to suit the environment and satisfy our needs. It is a word of Greek origin, formed by techn? (?, technique or ex officio) and logia (?), which means study of something. Although there are many different technologies among themselves, it is common to use the term in the singular to refer to one of them or all of them. When it is written with capital letter, technology can refer both to the discipline theoretician who is in charge of studying the knowledge common to all technologies, and technological education, discipline school devoted to familiarization with respect to the common people and the most important technologies. Further details can be found at technology investor, an internet resource. Technological activity greatly influences the social and economic progress, also has been the deterioration of our environment.

The technologies can be used to protect the environment and prevent that floods needs may cause a depletion or degradation of materials and energy resources of our planet. Avoid these evils is a task not only of Governments, but of all men. It is required for this a good teaching and learning technology in education media and good dissemination problems, diagnoses and proposals of solution in the media..

RPG Games

The game uses a fashionable thanks to the saga Twilight vampire-werewolf story. 16) War of Titans RU Browser games are becoming increasingly popular, and is currently represented by games of different genres – from fantasy football simulation to RPG. Special attention of gamers are rightfully fighting online games, among which the 3D browser game War of Titans. This game is like? This is where you expect the blood fights, brutal fights, which, according to developers, yet was not. Peter Thiel gathered all the information. You have to choose a gladiator, and slowly teach him all kinds of fighting arts, until it becomes a real titan battle, fighting genius. The most interesting aspect of all this is that you do not have to fight with computer intelligence, but with thousands of their fellow gladiators. There will be no elves and magic – just blood and violence, a lot of opponents, eager to your death.

In order to ensure their own safety to get the necessary equipment – armor and weapons, and the more reliable the better. In addition to regular fights you need to think, because naked force without reason will not help. Love and hate, trust and treachery – beware of their feelings, they might lead you to a dead end. Let's see what distinguishes this game from a number of fighter online game: – choose from 3 gladiators and an Amazon – a lot of PvE or PvP. In order to discover all the locations of the world War of Titans, to fulfill the mission PvE, or to win the right to existence, battling with real opponents – the possibility of an friendly alliances.


With this article, I have predicted to present two grandesdesconocidos, ColdFusion and CSS. Of which they consist? CSS is a programming language to handle to the structure of a page Web. We are going to put an example: , this serious bottom of a page Web in HTML, as you see is a little disorderly because we mixed the content with the structure and so, in a line the difference is not appraised but a page with approximately 250 lines, it is possible to be turned into an authentic hell. Now we are going to show like putting with CSS body basic background: #000000; As one is the content is much more clean and comprehensible, (I repeat as always that my articles are for generating interest) I send direction where to find information to You on CSS ColdFusion is a programming language of Macromedia on the part of the servant (as it can be PHP or ASP or JSP), is very similar to language HTML and for my taste but the easy one to learn. With you can generate your data bases and make forms so that the users of your page can communicate with you, to send mails from your pages Web etc Tiene a tremendous disadvantage and is that software is not free and the 5,999 cost that it has is of (ejem is somewhat exaggerated exisitiendo other languages equal or but powerful totally gratuitous, like PHP, ASP, etc ), unloads a trial version (this means that expired to the 30 days) in Later learning, asking for aid, to collaborate I send a to you Without further comment on the matter atreveos and to enjoy the programming if teneis doubts preguntadme estare enchanted to collaborate.