Germany Measurement

BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) – innovative measurement technology “made in Germany” measuring and control technology is an indispensable area in machine and plant construction. So this contributes particularly in regard to the ever-increasing energy costs substantially to increase energy efficiency. A machine that energy-saving works, pays quickly. A permanent monitoring of machines and plants is a key factor for quality assurance, damage detection and avoidance of downtimes. A machine down-time blocked all processes and can explode costs quickly in the immense. Not only in research and development, but also in all areas of mechanical engineering it is construction, manufacturing or Assembly measurement test systems and test benches for the troubleshooting and process optimization can be found. The result: Improvements allow progress.

Measuring systems must meet other requirements for machinery and equipment than what is required for laboratory applications. Here are non-sensitive systems required, can capture the signals of different speed and type, such as for example, temperature, pressure, voltage, rotation,. Measurement technology, which can be used even under difficult environmental conditions and delivers reliable measuring results, is designed for years of BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm), manufactured and marketed. Its measuring systems, data loggers, amplifier technology and software follows the measurement specialist with a modular concept and focuses on ease of use. As Roland Rehberg, Managing Director of bmcm has argued: “Messapplikationen, which is easy for everyone and are to be implemented quickly into action, conserving resources no matter whether purse or nerves.

“With our modular systems compatible with each other, the user remains flexible, because often only one component must be replaced with new measuring tasks and not the entire system.” Following the measurement manufacturer focused its focus: – simultaneous detection of slower and faster signals – drawing up various measures -. Much places measuring equipment – unlimited recording time – measurement in real time, fail-safe and precise – alarm case monitoring and control – sturdy and compact systems – display and analysis of measured data for sound measurements with the quality seal “innovative measurement technology made in Germany” bmcm wants to prove that it is possible in today’s time to prosper on the economics of Germany.