Class Laundry

Wash indicates the quality of washing quality. Washing machines with the best performance are marked A, middle – B, C, D. Lower – E, F, G. Spin Class reflects the degree of residual moisture content of laundry. Washing machines with the best performance are marked A, B; Medium – C, D, E; lower – F, G. Spin class is more accurate than the maximum speed of rotation of the drum, characteristic of how well the car presses the laundry. Energy efficiency class – characteristic efficiency of electricity consumption: A, B – from very economical to cost; C, D – intermediate value, E, F, G – High to very high energy consumption. THE MORE THE BETTER Each washer has 3-4 main groups of programs.

They usually correspond to the main washing fabrics (cotton and flax; synthetic fabrics, fine fabrics of cotton, silk, synthetics, wool). In addition, in the washing machine may provide additional programs and functions. Of course, the number of different models in different ways. The necessity of certain functions is determined by personal preference. To better focus is on what can modern washing machines, give a description of the most popular complementary programs. 1.Zamachivanie allows after loading laundry detergent left in water for 2 hours or more c periodic stirring laundry. 2.Predvaritelnaya wash with cool water is used for heavily soiled laundry.

3.Bystraya wash – short program for washing medium and lightly soiled linen. Allows you to save up to 30% of the time. 4. Refresh – a program designed to wash a small number of lightly soiled laundry, for example, once dressed shirt and sportswear with the smell of tobacco. Washing is carried out within 30 minutes. at 30 C. 5. Intensive wash is used for chronic otstiryvanii stains from wine, fruit, etc. usually using dry stain removers. 6. Hand wash wool – a special program for wool, or other clothes designed for hand washing.


This is not three-wheeled self-indulgence for six months, and a bike that will teach your child to ride. In other four-wheeled bikes for children in many ways similar to the adult model. Use more ample soft seating. Install the horns, lights, reflectors, trunks, fenders, etc. On different models vary greatly in configuration. Selection of children's bike is great. Options frame coloring bright and cheerful, very often stylized cartoon characters The best option would be to use shestnadtsatidyuymovyh wheels.

They will provide a faster ride and better throughput. Advise you to choose a model with removable rear additional side-wheels, as many children at this age are beginning to get used to two-wheeled bikes. Buy a bike with a switch rate for children 3-5 years early. It is unlikely that a child this age will be seriously use similar technical devices. Bicycles for children from 5 to 7 years.

These bikes are for those who confidently holds the wheels. As a rule, on bicycles designed for this age, there are 20-inch wheels. But as children grow up very quickly, it makes sense to stop the election on a model with 24-inch wheels, especially if your child's growth has already passed the mark 130 centimeters. If necessary, you can shorten the seatpost and drop saddle in its lowest position, and then raise it as your child grows. On the big bike your child will feel more confident. And it will not keep up with the senior guys in the company. Models with dvadtsatidyuymovymi wheels suit if the child is riding is not often in the 'quiet' style. These wheels are suitable for folding bikes. It is best if the bike will be set foot brake. You can use the hand brake, as additional. Try to choose a bike, because of its functional properties. If a child is riding is active in the country (for example, in the country), cross country, you should choose a model with a front shock absorber.

Tarot Cards

Hello Probably each of us would occasionally lift the veil of the days to come and look back to see what will happen to us in the near and distant future. In fact, no need to create a time machine, because over 5000 years, humans have been successfully using this proven way to predict his fate – namely, tarot cards tarot line on relationships, love and the future. Each card – is a window into the unconscious, it helps fixed all and look into what for him nahoditsya.Simvoly Tarot cause different people have different associations. They do not have to be different: it is necessary to overcome long-standing habit of the mind to reduce everything to the already known things. So new to learn. As its apparent illogicality dreams help to overcome the stereotypes of thinking and tarot cards by intuition help to penetrate their meaning, if the mind does not get into those depths. Characters are the mainstay of intuition. They are ambiguous and therefore are perceived differently by different people, not only, but by the same person at different times.

Transfer them to another person and situation to another is impossible. In general, if people have a question, then answer it already exists, it is only in the subconscious mind asking. A map to help just read it, investing the contents of the unconscious in visual images – symbols. Because, guess You must be familiar with a deck of cards. It is important to deeply and thoughtfully consider the card separately, talking with her, and understand the entire flow of information inherent in the symbols of the Tarot cards. Of course, as a clue to use text messaging, situated in the description of the deck, but the deeper meaning you find yourself on the map. Play a big role here, and astrological symbols, and postures, and the colors and plants.

Try to "enter" in map, to understand it. The same is done with an inverted map. On average, study each card for every position it is necessary to spend at least a couple of hours. At the same time separately on a sheet of paper, try to summarize why it is this map correspond to those values and what values do you consider it necessary to add. Imeeya years of experience with tarot cards, I'm helping dyudyam in dealing with problems that can not be solved by other means in the usual life. Turning to me, you can be sure that the divination is performed qualitatively and vkratchayshie time and you will get answers to your questions.

Childrens Outerwear Choose

Very often, parents, planning to buy warm clothes for children have the upper light shock on the abundance of insulation, which is represented on the market today. 'What is the insulation you prefer? Which is better? What is warmer and more practical? " It an incomplete list of issues faced by every caring parent. Let's try to understand what are lagging, what are the pros and cons. In general, all those present at the moment on the market, heaters can be divided into two groups: C heaters. Thinsulate – a synthetic insulation of the new generation.

Very easy. The structure of the material is extremely thin fiber, excellent air retention. This in turn provides a good 'teplosohranenie'. Apparel Thinsulate insulation with a very easy, convenient, comfortable and warm. The material holds its shape well and has excellent ability to shape recovery after deformation.

This affects the ability of strirki: material practically does not shrink even after repeated washings. Usually wear with this insulation is of significant funds. Izosoft – One of modern insulation, which is a synthetic fiber spherical in shape. These fibers are separated by an air cavity, through which the product is excellent and keeps the heat form. If we compare izosoft with synthetic padding, the warmer the last izosoft several times. Thanks to modern progress, clothing with synthetic fillers are inexpensive, and has an excellent price / quality ratio. Topsfil – modern insulation, worked with high technology. The material is very light and airy. Due to its structure, creating the effect of 'breathing' children's clothing. Hollofayber and Fibertech – are positioned as Substitutes down. The structure of the material is a hollow fiber into a spiral. Feature of the structure is reflected in the ability of a material to recover its shape after deformation and keep the heat very well. Except addition, the materials have good moisture resistance, and 'air' structure allows for a long time to keep warm.