You do not know, but depends on them. You do not know or the cross in his life, but those sons of bitches have in their hands, in the electronic calendar, the Enter key on the computer, its future and that of their children. You do not know that they face, but it is they who are going to send the strike on behalf of a three point seven, or a probability index of zero point zero four. You have nothing to dowith these dudes because it is a hardware store clerk or cashier Pryca, and they studied at Harvard and did career a master in Tokyo, or the reverse, going in the mornings to the London Stock Exchange or Wall Street and say things in English as long-term capital management, and talk of hedge funds, accountant multilateral quote investment agreements and wild economic neoliberalism, like someone said Sunday’s game. You do not know or painting, but those circulating suicide drivers and two hundred per hour in a van loaded with money going to hit loans him when least expected, and did analyst not careers even have the consolation of going in a wheelchair with a cut to blowing their eggs because they have no public face, despite banks being renowned analysts, sharks of finance, prestigious experts in other people’s money. As experts who always end up doing yours. Because whenever they win, they win and never lose them when they lose. They do not create wealth but to business loan speculate. Lavish combinations into the world of financial economics that have nothing to do with the productive economy. he has produced two movies, as well as leading his investment firm The , making is the founder and managing member of Roslyn, N.Y.-based Boost house of cards and secured by mirages and smoky, and the mighty of the Earth lose their ass for them and credit jump on the bandwagon coba. financial This can not fail, they say. Here nobody is going to lose. The risk is minimal. The Nobel prizes endorse Economy, financial journalists prestigious international group of recognized acronyms. And then the president of the bank business loans as trans, and the president of the union of Swiss banks and the bank capitoste Latin American and Eurasian consortium, and the mother who bore them all, they embark on the adventure with joy, put chip through a pipe, and then sit to wait for that pitch that will even more lining to all of them and their clients. And as the first operation goes well and are risking more in the second, which is cushy cushy, and interests of a gazillion percent are not everyday. And even that illusion speculator has nothing to do with the real economy, with every day life banking of people in the street, everything stock quote is euphoria, and pats on the back, and to undertake their banking official foreign exchange reserves. And this, gentlemen, is clover. And suddenly it does not. Suddenly it turns out that the invention had its failures, and high risk that was not a phrase but just that: truly high risk. And then the whole shebang is going to take the sack. And those special funds, dangerous, increasingly have more weight in the global economy, showing its black side. And then, oh, wonder!, While the benefits were for sharks that controlled the roost and those who speculate with money from others, is that the losses, no. The losses, the financial bite, payment of the errors of those who play with pijolandios international economy as if they were playing Monopoly, stocks borne on the shoulders of us all. It turns out that while the benefit was private, are collective mistakes, and losses must be socialized by going with emergency measures and funds of salvation to avoid domino effects of Bernarda and tits .. And that solidarity, stability essential to saving the world, pay with your shoes, with their savings, and sometimes their jobs, Mariano Perez Sanchez, store clerk by profession, and the millions of unfortunates who along Marian and width of the world rise up every day at stock six in the morning to earn a living. That’s what comes, I fear.