Hair Removal By Laser




Finally, the method requires highly qualified specialist performing the procedure. After all, should be accurate to get electricity, "a needle in each hair. Laser Hair Removal Laser hair removal is well proven in the past few years. Technology is as follows: in patch of skin with hairs directed laser beam. Beam has special properties that allow it to "take aim" at the target – melanin.

This pigment is contained in the hairs and provides them with color. Melanin absorbs the energy of the laser beam that goes to the bulb and destroy it. The procedure itself is as follows. You wear glasses, the doctor prepares the skin for the procedure. Then, using a special attachment to the skin sent laser beam. Impact comes with a few interruptions, so as not to overheat the skin. Pluses.

The procedure is almost painless. Skin during laser treatment is not damaged, so the risk of infection or scarring practically excluded. With the help of a laser device can be a single session to process a large surface, such as the femur and tibia. The laser removes a well-vellus hair, so this method is suitable for hair removal, for example, gentle hairs on upper lip. Cons. Since the main goal of most laser devices – the pigment melanin, which requires a good contrast of skin and hair. After all, if the skin, and dark hair, the laser will affect all pigments immediately. Therefore, the ideal solution for laser hair removal – dark hair on very light skin.